The last episode of Star Trek Voyager.

The info I have comes straight from, so I don’t think it could be considered a spoiler.

It’s another time travel story. Old Admiral Janeway is remembering how long it took Voyager to return to Earth and how much it cost in lives and apparently decides to time travel and try to get the ship home faster. Somehow, the Borg are involved.

Geez, another time travel show? Haven’t they done episodes like this before? I’m going to watch it anyway, though. They may yet surprise me.

Hmm… Sounds vaguely similar to All Good Things…, the last episode of ST:TNG. I guess Berman likes to close them out with a little glimpse of what will happen to the characters after the series ends.

Bad link there, jab1.
But it does sound like déjà vu all over again.

That link seems to work only part of the time. There must be a lot of people trying to open that page. It worked just before I posted this.

Since the thread doesnt have spoiler warnings in the title I wont give anything away, but it was a good episode. A fitting finale indeed.

I did see some parallels to the final episode of ST:tNG, but it held its own very well, even with the dues ex machina.

Just saw the finale. Thought the final scene was kinda flat.

Starfleet now has certain anachronisms…super torpedoes and batmobile armor from 20-25 years in the future, as well as the Doctor’s mobile emitter from the 29th century.
Obviously, the existance of these technologies violate the temporal prime directive…must Voyager’s crew destroy the technologies and related data to un-pollute the time-line?


Yeah, the actual ending was kinda anticlimactic, although the rest didn’t suck too much. :wink:

I liked old Janeway – better than younger Janeway, actually. :smiley:

Ever since Jennifer Lein (Kes) left and Jeri Ryan (Seven Of Nine) came aboard I have really enjoyed this show. I liked the finale. Yes, going back/forward in time has become an all to convenient solution. But I was satisfied.

You know, I don’t recall there ever being a Temporal Prime Directive until the 29th century time travel episode, and I thought this prime directive was part of 29th century Federation. Then suddenly Voyager started talking about it in later episodes as if it was something from the current day. Perhaps the existence of the 24th century Temporal Prime Directive violates the temporal prime directive. :slight_smile:

So, as Janeway says of the TPD… To hell with it! :smiley:

I was seriously disappointed by the final episode. When did that Chakotay/Seven thing start? In the final show? I never saw anything like that coming, and it seems really weird to just throw this into the last episode. And what happened to Admiral Janeway? Did she just evaporate in the time stream at the ending? Too many loose ends. I get sick of stories that show a whole timeline and then say it never happened due to a temporal shift. It’s the same old trick that bad SF has used for many years, “and then he woke up and it was all a dream… or WAS it?”

Just finished watching it. It was a pretty good episode. Actually, I thought the plot was a bit better than the finale of TNG, though the acting didn’t offer as many challenges to the cast.

So, when are they going to do the first Voyager movie?

I thought it was great. The Seven/Chakotay thing started earlier in the season, when Seven was doing some holodeck…stuff…with a holographic Chokotay, showing that she had a crush on or something. So, they just started the relationship up in the last episode. The time travel stuff worked for me, and while it was slightly reminicent of ST:TNG, Voyager’s finale did an excellent job of standing on it’s own. Of course, I’ve always been a fan of Voyager, so I’m a little biased. =)

Oh, and what happened to Adm. Janeway…well, since she changed the timeline, she would cease to exist…but then she couldn’t have altered the course of history…but then she’d exist again…Ah temporal mechanics. To quote Janeway: “The past is the future, the future is the past…It all just gives me a headache.”

Poor old Alice Krige bites it again! What’s up with her temporal directive?

Not great art perhaps but an enjoyable space adventure. There was a big write up in our local paper about how formulaic the Star Trek series were and in particular how true that was of Voyager, being the latest. I’m not sure exactly what they expected but I think most fans enjoy the shows because they are familiar. TOS was certainly the most original (duh!) but there were plenty of stinker episodes and corny plot devices then too.

I know – maybe the cast of Voyager should travel back in time and become the FIRST Star Trek series. Wait – I think I’ve heard this somewhere before!!

FWIW, Seven’s attraction to Chakotay was explored in one of the earlier episodes this season. She discovered that the Borg Queen put something in her neural whatsit that would kill her if she became too human, e.g., fell in love. That’s why she had the doctor do surgery (to remove it) before she went on her date with Chakotay.

I thought the last episode was rather dissapointing. It started off so promising… big buildup, a big sense of “okay, what the heck is really going on here?”. But then the halfway mark hit and it felt to me like the writers said to themselves at that point in the script “oh crap, we’ve already used up half our time. Gotta blow stuff up quick and get them home already!”

The Seven/Chakotay thing was kind of abrupt; the writers could’ve dropped a hint or two that a real relationship had begun to form rather than just dropping it into the last episode.

Isn’t this the second time this basic plot came around? Some of the Voyager crew has made it home, at least 1 isn’t satisfied and decides to go and change the past. Last time it was Harry, this time it was Janeway. I was really worried the endings would turnout the same, plopping them right back in the delta Q. To set them up for movies there if it ever gets to that point. I would have liked to see them brin gthe elder Janeway back. That would have been VERY interesting. Would she still be an Adm.? Probably not. Would she be court martialed? But they killed her, sigh. It seems that ST always manages to finagle themselves out of any real consequences of the time travel. I’d like them to deal with timeline problems. Oh well. I still had a good time. Especially enjoying the commercials for Enterprise, even though they showed nothing.

They’ve established in the past that a person who goes into the past from a timeline that ceases to exist continues to exist (ref. Tasha Yar from “Yesterday’s Enterprise”), so presumably Admiral Janeway is still in the Delta Quadrant…or was she destroyed with the Borg Queen?

And what was with that Borg sphere that came through the conduit with Voyager? At the end it looked like the sphere had engulfed Voyager and Voyager destroyed it by blasting her way out of it, but that wasn’t made clear.

You’re right, brother rat, this episode was like the earlier episode “Timeless” crossed with TNG’s final episode, “All Good Things.” When I’m not appalled by the contempt for science shown by Voyager’s writers, I’m shocked by the show’s creative bankruptcy and ignorance of continuity.

Good riddance to a bad show, and I for shit-sure won’t be watching “Enterprise.”


I used to watch the show pretty regularly, but stopped because I had to work Wednesday nights (this was about two years ago). I had planned on watching it this week, but missed it because I got caught at work. Damn memos. . .

Will it be re-run again this week?


[Jay Sherman]

It stinks!!!

[/Jay Sherman]

Here in Chi they ran TNG’s final episode on Sunday. What a mistake, to show a good show, days before that peace of crap that ended Voyager. I think ST misses Gene Roddenberry more than I would have dreamt.

The only good part was when BQ’s limbs started falling off. I expected her to say, “It’s only a flesh wound.”

(just in case some people haven’t figured out what happened from reading previous posts)

First, a question: It sounded like the sphere was gaining on Voyager and that the nearest escape route would put Voyager back into the Delta Quadrant. I thought I heard Janeway tell Parris to take the exit. But they ended up home. Did I miss something? Did I misunderstand what was being said’ or did Parris disregard the order?

Now that that’s out of the way, how’s this for an ending? Future Janeway goes back in time to do her thing. Present Janeway balks at the violation of principle. Basically, the whole show plays out the same as it did… except Voyager does take an escape route that sends it back to the Delta Quadrant. The Borg’s means of interstellar transport is destroyed so they’re less of (or no) threat. It still takes another 20 years for Voyager to get home, and the future is as it was at the beginning of the show. Chakotay’s dead, Tuvok’s lost his mind, Seven is dead… and the whole going-back-in-time-to-alter-the-outcome thing will have been for naught.

Sure it would be a disappointment for the TrueFans™, and not at all a happy ending; but wouldn’t that be great? :wink: