De Poezenboot (Amsterdam)

Well we visited the Poezenboot (Catboat) today. It has been mentioned a few times six years ago but I thought I’d bring current members a bit up to date. It is a refuge for stray cats- a purpose built barge on one of the canals. It houses stray cats and survives on donations from the visitors (and there were plenty today). There are cats leaping everywhere with one dominant male who you are advised not to pat as he tends to whack people. Mainly he sits on a high perch like the lion king. There is an enclosed outdoor portion where the cats can sit and watch the ducks although there is a local swan who swims up and hisses at the cats.
It has a rotating volunteer staff and all cats are available for adoption to suitable families or businesses. It was a different experience.

Sounds really cool. I missed it when we were there!

It is nice and I had to fight my wife so she didn’t adopt every cat (well not really). However I think the cleverest cat was the one sleeping on the heating system. They all seemed well fed, healthy and from what I am told have a lot of vet care.

I’ve been there. My wife and I stopped in when we spent a few days in Amsterdam several years back as part of a longer trip around Western Europe. Nice to hear it’s still up and running!

I’ve been there, but I didn’t adopt a cat when I could get one here a lot more easily.