Dead deer under truck

So I was looking at the tires of my pickup truck today, parked in my driveway. I suddenly noticed a HOOF near the tire. I crouched down and looked and there is a dead deer lying under the truck! It is almost completely hidden under the truck; even the hoof can’t be seen without kneeling down near it. I am baffled as to how this occurred. I can’t imagine I could have hit a deer and not realized it. When I parked it (a few days ago, in day time), I obviously would have been moving very slowly as I pulled into the driveway. Could I have hit it on the street and dragged it into the driveway? It doesn’t seem to be caught on the undercarriage in any way. And still – hit a deer and not realize it? I can’t believe I could have been so oblivious, both to the sight of the deer in front of me, and the feel of the impact. Could it have been ill or injured and crawled under the truck itself? I can’t see how it’s physically possible for a deer to wedge itself into such a small space, and they don’t behave that way anyway, do they?

Were you sober when you came home? Sorry but it has to be the first question.

Yes, absolutely. It was about 10am when I parked and I had not drunk any alcohol or any other drug for several days previously.

My wild guess is that the deer knew it was sick or dying and crawled into the first space it could find.

It’s a pretty small deer; it looks young. My driveway has an uphill slope when I pull in, so I’m thinking perhaps it was resting or sleeping in the driveway in such a position that I couldn’t see it over the hood of the truck when I pulled in. That’s the only scenario I’ve thought of that makes sense to me. I can’t see how a deer could crawl under a truck; it would have to somehow scoot along the ground for several feet while lying flat on its side. I’d much prefer to believe that rather than that I hit it though. This is fairly distressing.

Since this involves speculation, let’s move it to IMHO.

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That’s my guess as well. My friends have a deck off the back of their house with a perfect deer skeleton under it. When I asked them about it (and I was pretty young at the time), they said ‘it went under there to die’. It should be noted that their deck is high enough that a deer could easily walk under it. A deer, I assume, would have to lay down and push itself under a vehicle.

I suspect a moderator may have moved it under there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, your speculation seems somewhat likely. But is there a chance a predator such as a coyote or feral/local dog could have dragged it under? Local dogs around by me are notorious for bringing smaller carcasses home and depositing them in unlikely places.

When a deer was hit by a car near my house in DC, it ran up my street and hid under my car until animal control came.

This happens. We’ve found dead deer in weird places. Call a wildlife officer or a game warden. They, perhaps, will remove it for you.

I called Animal Control. They said they don’t remove dead animals, but they referred me to someone who does. For $250. :frowning:

Where are you? I’ll do it for $200 :slight_smile:

I kind of doubt the story about the deer under the deck. They let a large animal rot right outside their house? In retrospect are you sure they weren’t joking?

It’s dead Jim ------ put a red shirt on it, drive over it, and cut it up and dispose of it. If you have the land and time, bury it. Or use said truck its under and see if you can haul it and dispose of it somewhere cheap or free. Depending on your state you may want to contact Game (or Fish & Game) and they may come and collect it as a sort of “road kill”.
I have seen deer get themselves into some tight places you think there is no way they would fit; especially trying to escape a dog or when injured. I think it came to be there pretty much naturally as others have said.

I guess you could go for a drive to see if it gets dislodged somewhere. When that happens, the carcass becomes Somebody Else’s Problem. Is it an antlered deer, which might be hazardous to your tires?

It could have been dead laying in the street and you didn’t notice it when you drove over it, and your truck caught it and dragged it to your driveway.

I for one would like to know the resolution to the situation.

Me too.

Could it have been pranksters?

Anyway, yes, it’s probably best to just haul it to a country road nearby and just toss it away from the road. Perhaps you can drag it out from under the truck and put into a trash-can with lid for the ride?

Or if you are anywhere near West Virginia dress it up funny, stick a pipe in its mouth, and strap it in the passenger seat. Hey — it works for hunters around those parts! :smiley:

It was changing your oil and had a heart attack.