Dead Laptop battery, leave it in or take it out.

My laptop here at work used to go back and forth with me, but for the last six months or so, I just leave it here (at work), plugged in. Up until about two weeks ago the battery was ALWAYS at 99% or 100%. A few weeks ago though I would notice it dip down to below 50% then climb back up, all in a matter of an hour or so. I kinda figured it was dying. Now it’s been at 1% for two days and I doubt it’s going to recover. The last time I checked, I could run my laptop without the battery attached, provided it’s plugged in. So my question is, should I leave the battery in, or should I take it out? BTW I’m not planning to replace it.

Good question. I look forward to the answers. I also have a notebook whose battery is 100% dead.

It has been my belief that notebooks don’t need surgue protectors because the battery and power supply buffer the notebook from a direct electrical shock. If that is true, there may be some benefit to leaving the battery in.

I’ve been using this laptop as a home computer for a couple of years and my battery died some time ago through constant disuse. I left it in too, mainly because I coudn’t be bothered to take it out.

BTW why do batteries die if they’re not used?

Quick hijack: They all die in 2-3 years if used properly. 6-9 months if left plugged in. You need to use the battery to prolong it’s life. A properly cared for battery will have between 300-500 charge-discharge cycles.

Here’s how to prolong the life of your lithium-ion battery.

Anecdotal information here - I had a Dell notebook a few years back that I used at my desk & it was plugged in all the time. The thing kept powering off randomly. I discovered that when I removed the battery, the problem stopped. Moral - it may work better for you, but who knows?