"Deadliest Catch" has jumped The Crab. I think I'm done...

If I remember correctly, in a later interview one of the sons mentioned Phil’s TEN PACKS A DAY cigarette habit. The studio audience gasped.


And it’s also interesting that none of the secondary boats those first few seasons have every been on again - i.e., Farwest Leader, Rollo, etc.

Maverick bowed out after the second or third season when the producers supposedly made drama llama re the young relief captain. I don’t remember the entire story other than the captain and his wife broke their contract with Discovery over what happened.

Chain smokers waste a lot of cigarettes in ashtrays. They’ll light one,take a puff, and get busy with work. The cig will be ashes in a few minutes. So, they light another one.

My dad smoked until I was 12. Thankfully only a half pack a day. He’d average one or two an hour during the day. He had a new carton stolen from his truck. That pissed him off and he used that as an excuse ro quit. He never smoked again.

However, I can’t believe anybody could chain smoke 10 packs a day. That’s 200 cigarettes.

Maybe, 4 or 5 packs at the most. That would still be a huge amount.

2 pack a day used to be fairly common when people smoked at their desks.

Sig Hansen and crew quit the show for a month or so , probably just a way to get more money.

I may have remembered incorrectly, or the Harris Lads may not be reliable sources for accurate information. Or both.
How long does it take to smoke one cigarette? Is 200 a day even possible?

Assuming 18 waking hours, that’s one lung rocket every 5.4 minutes. That seems…implausible.


When I was in college, in the 1980s, my boss at my work-study job was a chain-smoker (and the heaviest smoker that I’ve ever met). Jack acknowledged that he had a four-pack-a-day habit – he’d alternate between Lucky Strikes and unfiltered Camels.

He also only slept for four hours a night (but that’s another story). Even so, at four packs (80 cigarettes) a day, it meant that he was lighting a new cigarette every 15 minutes that he was awake, and Jack pretty much always had a cigarette lit. (Note that, at that time, smoking in offices was still legal.)

So, unless Phil Harris was seriously power-inhaling, or lighting and forgetting vast numbers of cigarettes, I suspect that “10 packs a day” is an exaggeration.

Yeah, Keith is a giant gaping asshole. You should have seen him just this last episode go at it with his own brother. :rolleyes:

Of course, I’m sure it’ll all blow over next episode and everybody will be buddy-buddy.

Keith once spent a whole segment berating Mouse for not waking him up to see some walruses, because Mouse knows that walruses are Keith’s good luck animal.

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Well, that young relief captain for the Maverick didn’t make it very far. Too much crab money and bad choices.

While I’m sure Sig is a bit of a prick, that child abuse article doesn’t pass the sniff test. No doubt about Edgar, though.

Why not? It’s not believable to you that 26 years ago, child abuse got swept under the rug during an ugly divorce?

More believable that a vicious ex-wife concocted the story to get at Sig. But we can’t know for sure.

Yeah, I saw that. it seems that a lot of the younger folk have some kind of substance abuse issue.