Deadwood 3/27 -- with spoilers!

I think perhaps Miss I is “pissed off” at being dismissed and criticized. Alma made the mistake of confiding a lot to her, and has set herself up for mega problems. But why Adams? I have no idea.

Why Silas? Cuz he’s clean, convenient, and hot. :slight_smile:

The tutor must have had her ear to the ground, to pick up the rumors that Alma had something to do with Brom’s death. She might also have picked up that Silas is a friend of Al, someone with power.

Don’t you think she might be stone cold crazy? I don’t buy her spiel about tutors not being affectionate with their students. There’s no harm in a friendly “good night”. From what Alma said last week, MissIz has had a cold manner toward Sophia all along.

MLS, I think you’re right. The dismissal set her off, and she wants vengeance. The wild west equivalent of going postal, maybe.

That was my take as well, though it is unclear where Isringhausen might have got her information. I suspect she might have a sordid past which she now covers with rigid manners. I don’t believe that was her first taste of whiskey.

Too cool to see Stephen Tobolowsky turn up as commissioner Jarry, he always adds an interesting spin to his characters.

As much as I enjoy Powers Boothe as Tolliver, I wish make-up could do something about those porcelain choppers of his. Those teeth look as out of place in that setting as would silicone implants on one of the working girls. I realize it is a petty criticism, I just find it distracting.

Speaking of Powers Boothe, his daughter Parisse plays one of the whores. Anyone know for sure which one? I heard it was the Bella Union redhead who was helping Jarry with his bath. I looked for a family resemblance, but that never seems to work, with opposite sexes.

Hubby and I watched again last night. I’m so glad he likes this show. After we watch the first time, in silence, we talk through the second and third viewings.

My eyes work better than his ears, and vice versa, so we help each other out. He didn’t notice E.B. getting the celebratory hand job last season, and I couldn’t make out Alma’s comment to E.B., about putting him in a dress.

Cooperation at home. 's a wunnerful thing. :slight_smile: