Deadwood 5/9

Wow! Didn’t expect the brother & sister to end up as Woo hog food. Cy is proving to be just as ruthless as Swearengen. Doc has a heart of gold, but he might be in the wrong town. Not much Jane tonight, but what we got was classic. Had to take a phone call in the last 5 minutes, but was able to keep a pretty close eye on what was going on. I think Trixie played the only card she could with the widow deciding to stay in town.

Sol should really be interested in the widow instead of Trixie. More future with the widow.

Maybe the pairings will be Sol/Trixie and Seth/Alma

Naw… his partner wants the widow.

I liked the emphasis of Cy’s ruthlessness. He’s as big a son of a bitch as Al can hope to be.

Seth Bullock is married, and historically speaking, his wife does come to Deadwood to be with him, which he mentions in the coming attractions. Surely there won’t be an extramarital affair in the cards for our knight in shining armor?

Poor Trixie, is she actually in love with Swearengen? Or is it the syndrome of an abused woman who has come to think she can only function in the degraded role she’s used to? She even gave him the gold, more’s the pity. The little girl (Sophia) really loves her, and she had a chance to get out of prostitution and be something different, but she turned it down… so why the suicide attempt if she was only going to go back to Al after all? And how does Sol Star expect to woo her away from that lifestyle to which she is so wedded?

I really love Doc Cochran. What a good guy, in a town full of bad ones. Yay Brad Dourif!

I think Trixie accepts the fact that there is no way she can stay in Deadwood and not be associated with Swearengen. I think she also felt that she would be out of place in NY with Alma. So she decided to take her own life instead of Swearengen killing her for going against him. The gold that Alma gave her basically allowed her to buy herself back into good graces with Swearengen.

This was my favorite episode so far. My only quibble was Flora’s Psych 101 conversation with Joanie – “Who am I, am I your sister, am I you?” – seemed out of place.

I thought they’d keep the “kids” around for another episode or two. Flora was more interesting than the usual throwaway character.

Was Joanie trying to shoot herself or Cy after she shot Flora? I thought at first that she was going to put another one in Flora, but I guess Cy would have let her do that. It happened fast, and I need to watch again.

Rubystreak, I think you’re right, it’s a little bit of both with Al and Trixie. We’ve seen how charming Al can be. Remember when he said “Please” to her, back when she was trimming calluses from his feet? A “please” from someone like Al is a like dinner and a dozen roses from a normal guy.

I think he cares for her more than he wants to, and she knows it.

It’d be nice if we had some more history on them. Al commented once about being beaten when he was growing up, but we haven’t heard anything from Trixie.

Any speculation on Cy and Joanie’s future?

I love that Alma and the Doc have come to understand each other.

I don’t think there will be much romance in Deadwood, and I’ll be disappointed if Seth goes any farther with Alma. But what’s she going to do?

Oh, and why do you think Al wanted the gold to be found on Alma’s claim, when he knew that would mean she wouldn’t sell?

Favorite part was E.B.'s ulcer acting up there at the end. I almost felt sorry for him.

He explained this to E.B. at the beginning. If I followed his logic, it went something like this:

With the new treaty with ‘the savages’, it seems quite likely that Deadwood will become part of the U.S… Al views this as the real gold strike in Deadwood, far outweighing the value of the Garrett claim. With the respect that Seth has in the community, he would quite likely be some sort of community leader (sheriff?) in the new, legal Deadwood. Al knows that he’s much better off in this situation with Seth as an ally. By not stealing the Garrett gold claim, he accomplishes two things. He lets Seth be the hero in this situation, increasing his respect in the camp. Second, he doesn’t further antagonize Seth, inceasing the chances of an alliance with a prominent citizen…or at least a less antagonistic relationship.

Those businessmen who have already established themselves in Deadwood have a lot to gain from being part of the U.S… The two main things that I can think of are: The increased safety and stability will casue the city to grow. And second, that they will have legal protection for what they’ve already acquired (by thievery or otherwise).

AfaH summed up Al’s actions very well. Al more or less backed down to Seth by playing him straight on the claim. Of course, Al did have his own reasons. I think the bit with Seth using Al’s barber for a shave was his way of showing Al that they had at least a temporary truce. Either that or he was showing Al that he has really big brass balls.

Al has one quality that I really like among all the rest. You have to like that he wasn’t to good to scrub his own floor. The Gimp had a bigger role this week. E.B. looking sick when Al mentioned that they might have gotten the claim if he hadn’t held money back was priceless.

I would have to watch it again, but wasn’t Cy’s gun a Derringer? In that case, Joanie wasn’t going to shoot anyone since she would have been out of ammo. Definitely some graphic violence in that scene. Flora’s busted head was pretty nasty. Surprisingly, Dan didn’t seem too upset about Flora’s death. He was just embarassed that he fell for her.

Yeah, Al once again, showed he’s a few steps ahead of everyone else. He realizes that Deadwood will soon be a legal town, so why not try to get a truce with the man who’ll likely be the sheriff? He loses some in the short run, but in the long run, he’ll do well.

It is a two barreled Derringer when he shoots the boy (allowing for two shots) weirdly when they shoot the girl it seems to change into one with a revolving cylinder (looks like a four shot one). I guess they added that little fight for the gun after they shot the first scene and realized it would be pointless for her to try to threaten suicide with an empty gun.

I was wondering if something like that happened. I remembered a two barreled Derringer, but something looked different when Joanie had it. That’s why I figured I would have to watch that part again.

That makes great sense about Al trying to appease/ally with Seth. Thanks.

I’m going to watch the episode again, but someone in the Yahoo group said Cy quickly switched guns after shooting Miles.

I guess a small gun makes less mess.

Might be another reason for switching to a smaller gun for the woman to shoot - a derringer has an absolutely vicious recoil, because it had very little mass to absorb the impulse. A heavy caliber derringer can break your wrist with recoil.

I find Cy even more twisted than Al, because he has a veneer of gentility. He and Swearengen both have the eyes of reptiles.

Boy, Flora and her “brother” should have planned their getaway a little better.

Amen to that. From listening from their previous conversations, I was envisioning a well thought out, perfectly executed heist. How did they possibly expect to rip off both joints with that half-assed plan?

When Flora went to see Miles she said that Cy was on to her. It seemed like she thought she had Joanie wrapped around her finger enough to get away with a partial take and clear town.

Now I really am going to have to try to watch it again to see if Cy actually switched guns or if it was a editing screw up.

No one has mentioned him, but I’m really starting to like Eddie in the Bella Union. His economical dialog is always sharp.

I’m with you on Eddie. Ricky Jay is a regular in David Mamet and P.T. Anderson pics. He is also a first rate sleight-of-hand practitioner. I’m hoping we’ll get to see some trickery in the gaming area in future episodes.

We already saw a little. He was playing with dice at the craps table after Joanie helped screw over that miner. He was throwing the dice, alternately letting go of a red pair and a white pair. He was practicing switching between dice of the same color, a rigged set and a real set.


Has anyone seen Ricky Jay perform live? I’m curious how much is acting the part of Eddie and how much is just him.