Deadwood movie?

There’s a fucking rumor that those cocksuckers at HBO are in preliminary talks to produce a fucking Deadwood movie.

If these motherfuckers get my hopes up only to have them dashed, I will profane their remains to the point that Gabriel’s trumpet will produce them from the ass of a pig. Cocksuckers.

With your fucking use of the word fuck three times in about 10 seconds worth of god damn text, I’m fucking ecstatic to report that you are exceeding the pace of the original series.

Will never the fuck happen; the sets have been long struck like a lame bitch, most of the principal cocksuckers have work lined up like a line of bare-titted whores for the foreseeable future, and the primary audience is too small a bunch of cunts to justify building every fucking thing back up. There isn’t a celestial’s chance in a cow’s bunghole that this will come to pass, and even if it did it makes no fucking sense, as Deadwood is all about the buildup and slow burn, not the galloping stallions’s pace of a movie plowing down bystanders and trampling small children who get in the way.

The Deadwood we have is the Deadwood we got. It never had a proper end, but then, neither did the Old West. Go watch The Wild Bunch and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance if you want to see how the West ends.


Not true. has been there for decades.

The hoople headed cocksuckers will rue the fucking day they toyed with out hearts if this is a fucking lie!

CGI, motherfuckers!

This would be the greatest motherfucking thing that ever fucking happened.

Those who disagree suck cock by choice.

Fucking cocksuckers, bringing their computer-fucking-generated-goddamn-imagry into my fucking bar? Not a whore’s chance in a fucking gold mine is that kind of horseshit ever going to happen here. That fucking George Lucas, I’ll take him right the fuck out with a knife to the kidney, and then go burn down his fucking Skywalker Ranch and piss on the fucking ashes.


Swiggen …give …cocksucka…woo! Pigs!

You seserve a motherfucking shanking just for bringing that cocksucker Lucas into the thread.

For Fuck’s sake, settle down! Perhaps enjoy a whisky, or some cunt.

Break out the fucking canned peaches.

Every post a fucking adventure.

Half price cunt and whiskey. Sort it dan.

Paging Unauthorized Cinnamon.

This is the greatest motherfucking thread in cocksucking history.

Those HBO cunts need to stop cunting around and make another cocksucking season to end the motherfucking show all cocksucking proper right.

Did they speak that way then?

In the series? Rather!

No, apparently the fuckers talked like Yosemite Sam and no one would take that cocksucking shit serious if they put it on TV, so Milch switched it up to modern day cussing.

And God bless that motherfucking cocksucker.