Deaf guy gets beat up and tased by California cops.

It must be terrifying for the deaf to encounter cops. They can’t hear the command voice/command presence cops are trained to use. These cops didn’t know sign language either.

Traffic stops are especially dangerous for the deaf. Not obeying police commands can get you shot.

Tough day to be a deaf architect with a Masters degree.

photos here. The cops left plenty of marks.

This reminds me of a deaf lady that lived across the street from my uncle. She had some learning difficulties and was deaf. Every nice day she was on her bicycle pedaling for several miles. She had done this for many years. Some fool in a car hit her. My uncle visited her in the hospital and she had been wild and out of control. They finally sedated her. The terror of not knowing what was going on and not being able to communicate was heart breaking.

She wasn’t badly hurt and was home in a couple days. I’ve often thought of her when I met a deaf person. It’s a tough disability to live with.