Dealing with the USPS for a missing package

Ordered some phones from online AT&T which were sent priority mail and were to be expected on Thirsday the 1st. Friday afternoon the packages had not arrived and online Track & Confirm had them leaving Denver 3 days prior. Now today, Track and Confirm says they were delivered on the 1st (which did not show up in online Tracking on the the 2nd) but the package is still not here. Given the neighborhood and where the front door is, it is extremely doubtful someone took it if dropped off. We have a community mailbox (like an apartment mailbox where everyone has a little box) and there are some large boxes (for packages?) but our key doesn’t work to open them.

We’re leaving a note for the mailman with a pencil in the box to see what happened but right now I think it was never delivered or delivered to the wrong address. Given that the Tracking was updated 4 days late and we still do not have the package, who is responsible? USPS or AT&T? If USPS, what do I have to do to launch an investigation? Before you say use their complaint system, I’ve used it twice before and was ignored both time and never contacted despite their promises so that answer is worthless. Assuming the phones are gone, how do I get replacements from AT&T? Do they need to provide replacements considering I never got the originals (despite what USPS claims)?

Wife of a USPS letter carrier here. Skip the 800 number; call your local office and ask to speak to the delivery supervisor. Have the tracking number and other info about it handy.

Call your PO ASAP. Explain what happened. See what they say. Also call AT&T and triple check the address they sent them.

Chances are that it was wrongly addressed or delivered and someone else got it.

Your letter carrier is actually likely to remember the package and delivery if you don’t take too long and he is not some casual worker on his third job. He might be able to straighten things out.

Without the good will of the post office, things get really dicey. The package scans as delivered and the level of service AT&T used doesn’t require any confirmation from the recipient so there is no way to prove it was given to the wrong people. You are better served taking your case to AT&T. I am sure you won’t be the first time this happens.

Be polite and patient. Best of lucks.

Called the local PO and they’re investigating at the local level. Going to call AT&T now that I have the phone # of the phone and see where they sent it.

You’re doing this wrong. It is the responsibility of the SENDER to get packages to you. If they do not THEY bear the cost.

Insurance protects the SELLER, not the buyer.

Simply call ATT and say you didn’t get the package but it shows it was delivered. Tell them you would like a credit to your account.

This is why I only order online with credit cards. Just the other week I ordered something from Amazon, someone stole it, I got a credit in 2 hours. I ordered something from Borders and JC Pennys as well that were never delivered. Both places credited my credit card in hours.

I can’t figure out why shippers don’t require a signature, but they often don’t.

Don’t mess with the post office or anyone else. Call ATT and tell them It is THERE problem not yours.

Ask for a credit or a re-ship.

I’d rather not go through that hassle if the phones are in the parcel box and the mail carrier didn’t drop off the key. Compounding the problem is that the internal USPS system shows the package was delivered Thursday AND Friday so for all I know it is still on the truck. Tomorrow we should have an answer from the local office and then I’ll go from there.

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Uhhh… That would be horrible if mandatory. As it is, USPS, FecEx, UPS, all of the shipping companies I know of have an option for “Signature Require” and even “Deliver to addressed recipient only”.

That won’t work for me, as I’m at work when they drop things off (and being in the sticks, I purchase a LOT online). I always fill out the ‘special instructions field’ if there is one with “SHIPPER-LEAVE AT DOOR, NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED”. Even so, occasionally I’ll get a package that they won’t leave without a signature. If they leave the note on the door, and allow me to sign that, all’s well and good, I get the package the next day. If they actually require my presence to receive, well, generally it gets bounced back to the shipper, I cancel the order, and place it somewhere else who follows my instructions.

In any case, if any package does not arrive at my door, even if it is because they insist I sign for it, I call the vendor, explain it, and either let them reship (correctly), or cancel the order and get a refund.

They were in the box since Thursday but the postal carrier never gave us the key to open it. So rather than getting my phone when we met up in Albuquerque for Easter, she needs to send my phone out to me. I claimed that in the name of customer service, USPS should give us free priority mail from the Springs to Phoenix for the phone.

Mrs Cad tried that.
The reaction :confused:
And they wonder why they lose business to UPFexEX

My local PO has lost several packages of mine and basically shrugged it off when I politely inquired. If it had been scanned delivered but I never got it. Tuff. It says delivered. My situation just like the OPs. Once they left a package pick up note in my mailbox. I went to the PO to pick it up and they said. “It’s been delivered”
“Well, I haven’t got it and I’m standing here with this note you left in my mailbox.”

A day or two later I talk to the head of that station. He says “The carrier says she went back later and gave it to the woman who answered the door”
“I live alone so there’s no way she left it at my place. If she gave it to a woman she was at the wrong apartment”
He tells me if I wait a week and it hasn’t shown up the carrier will have to pay for it. I go back a week later and he’s busy and ccan’t come to the counter but will call me later. Never called.

I received a package a week late after they swear it was delivered. I’ve received a package clearly addressed to someone else at a different address. I took it to them and pointed the mistake out.

I’m friendly with the carrier for work and she tells me if I raise a stink there’s a good chance my carrier will deliberately screw me. How nice.
They left them at my door which is the first door on my level and lots of people go by it. When I realized a third package had been stolen I asked them who thought that was a good idea.
Well, you didn’t sign a form telling us not to do that.
WTF? How about common sense?
One package was lost but scanned as delivered so the ebayer I bought it from said no refund. Hey great.
It sucks but that’s how it is. I’m sure a high percentage of packages get delivered correctly but they seem totally unconcerned about mistakes.

On a similar note, about a year and a half ago I bought a new (expensive!) laptop that was shipped to me via UPS. Because of the nature of the package, the company I bought it from required a signature. This was fine, except I lived in the basement of a house with no access to the front door, so if the UPS person came, I’d have no way of signing for it. My landlords weren’t around to sign for it either, but I really wanted it, so I was sitting there checking the confirmation over and over when suddenly the confirmation popped up. Underneath it said it had been signed for, and even had a digital copy of the signature! I thought it must have been my landlords after all, but when I clicked, it was an upside, poorly written Lastname Firstinitial that the UPS guy had clearly copied from the packaging slip. I ran around the house to the front door and there it was, sitting on the front step, and nobody else around. I thought about calling to complain, but I figured nothing bad happened, so I didn’t. Is this common? Was what he did even legal?

They didn’t fail you so they owe you nothing. They failed AT&T (and AT&T failed you, of course). If USPS needs to compensate someone, it will be AT&T. If you feel you need to be compensated, you need to ask AT&T. It is them that you had dealings with.

Yes, I know it sucks.

That’s seriously wrong. This guy could be out of a job in no time if you had chosen to make a fuss of it. I worked for UPS, I know.