Dealing with those darn Iraqis

A friend of mine just told me that we are still bombing iraq on a daily basis. He said that america is still hiting targets in Iraq every day.

If were going to waste our time droping stuff on strangers in forgien countries, we should at least make it ammusing…

instead of shooting down military sites in iraq we should be droping bouncy balls down on the heads of random people walking down the street.

since there are 400 trillion starving people in China why not drop all the McSubstance that people take off their McBurgers. And while were at it we might as well throw all those toys that are killing our children who aren’t “two or up” on them.

Let’s drop that grave diggin Yoko Ono back on Japan.

And just to show how much of a jerk i am we’ll drop some tooth paste on Great Britian… extra points if you can hit a royal guard or a mounted police officer!

you are a twisted, sick and cruel individual…where have you been all my life?

More items to drop on our enemies:
-all those Jar Jar dolls.
-Those free diskettes from AOL.
-Starbucks coffee.
-copies of the Starr report.

Drop 500,000 copies of “Naked Lunch” on Canada!

What would that be, DIF? Ten copies per VCR?

DIF – you MUST be a fan of Firesign Theater!

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

“That’s juuuusst what they want you to think, Lieutenant!”

Byzantine, what are those things on your chest? They look like a couple of big, fried eggs!