Dean Karnazes - 10 marathons non-stop? 2 miles short?

A marathon is 26 miles 385 yards. So if Dean Karnazes only ran 262 miles he was short of ten marathons by about 1/5 of a mile. Does anyone know if they took this into account and had him run the extra 1/5 of a mile?

Also, when they say non-stop, did he not stop to go to the bathroom or anything?

I think they’re just rounding down.

The title should say .2 miles short.

In the Gallery of the site you posted, it indicates 262.2 miles nonstop…

It appears that he took ‘body’ breaks, in the same way that other marathon activities (dancing, et al) have short breaks periodically.

Ultra runners do stop for clothing and/or shoe changes, bathroom breaks and that sort of thing.