dean R. Koontz the bad place

so, I’m reading Dean R. Koontz’ the bad place.
I’m only on page 108 or something like that. anyone else read this book? It’s an ok book so far. It’s kinda gross. it actually reminds me alot of V.C andrews if she wrote horror instead of whatever you would call the style she wrote in or whoever wrote them. (and who would write trash novels under a dead womans’ name anyway?) anyhow, looking for feedback on the bad place. just keep in mind I’m only on page 108.

I thought it was pretty good. What do you want to talk about? I’m up for it.

I’ve read it two or three times. It’s one of Koontz’ better ones (which isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot).

It’s one of the only books of his I can really recommend to someone who hasn’t read much Koontz. The Bad Place, Watchers, and Lightning. I’ve read about a dozen of his other books, those three are probably the best, in my opinion. Most of the others have their moments, but overall, I can’t say they’re that great.

Anyway, enjoy. I’d recommend finishing the book before doing much discussion of it, since it’s hard to avoid spoilers, and Koontz’ books are best when you don’t know what’s going to happen.

But feel free, if you have anything specific you wish to discuss. I’m afraid I can’t contribute much, since it has been several years since I read it (and to be honest after about 5 Koontz books, they really start to run together), but I think I still have my copy somewhere.

Genseric: “It’s one of the only books of his I can really recommend to someone who hasn’t read much Koontz. The Bad Place, Watchers, and Lightning.”

Do we share the same brain? Those are precisely the 3 Koontz books (I’ve read about 15+ of them) that are worthy of re-reading, imho. I also agree that the books run together, as the following will show…

Koontz Characters:

Male Protagonist: Seemingly born again virgin who lost his wife/loved one a few years back and hasn’t been with a woman since (though he respects them totally). He is either a cop/ex-cop/ex-special forces guy who, while gentle with the ladies and children, can open a can of Whoop-Ass™ when necessary. Not necessarily wealthy, but they never want for bucks.

Female Protagonist: A “strong” woman who left her abusive childhood home at the age of 15 to become a successful screenwriter/doctor/professional, she will forget all about her strength and independence and go running into the arms of the male protagonist at the slightest trouble (though some of them need two scares to run into his arms - that Koontz sure keeps his readers guessing on that point!)

Villian: Evil person who became that way due to:

a. Evil rites
b. Bad childhood
c. Psychological problems brought about by a or b.

Totally unredeemable, though the two protagonists will likely feel some pity for him somewhere in the middle-third of the novel (when the ever-present shrink can tell you just how he was abused into being yon twisted pervert). Like the Terminator, it takes a couple of tries to kill him.

Oh, I forgot…

I stopped reading Koontz about a decade ago so he might’ve changed but I wonder: does he still blather on and on about the psychology of his characters?

it reminds me of alot of other books i’ve read. i don’t like the vampire- like killings…other than that, it seems ok.

Correction: Not “Lightning” but “Strangers” is the third Koontz novel I would recommend. It has been a while since I read them and they do run together after a while…

I Just finished the book. I was supriised in parts. but really grossed out in some.
a person can’t really get themself pregnant, can they?