Dear Abbey

So, I need your help with this one. I need to write a consice and elequent letter or poem to a girl, and I could use some help with this one. Not very long, not rhyming, but easy to read and to the point. Here’s the situation:

I just met Abbey and we kinda hit it off. We made out and had a great time flirting. But, she cut it short and has been avoiding me since. She has a boyfriend and I guess it’s awkward to be around me. I don’t want to break them up or anything, and I want her to know I’m sorry it couldn’t work out and all. I won’t be seeing her again, but I did really like being with her. So, any ideas on what to say or how to say it? Please help me, I’m brain blocked!

Just say it. “I had a great time the other day.” Don’t write her a letter. It’s too formal. Keep it low key and cool-like she’s a friend. If you really connected with her, she’ll be thinking about you, too. If you send her a letter she might think you’re too eager & she’ll change her opinion of you.

First, don’t ask anyone on this board, they all write their own answer. You’ll get confused.

Go with what you feel. Take the chance, take the consequences.

I’m just looking for some creative input. Any help would be appreciated.

Well if you won’t be seeing her again, why bother? I suspect that what you really want is to see her again, and hope that by sending a note, she’ll make contact. If you do want the relationship to continue, then yeah, give it a shot. I agree, no formal letter; how about a humorous greeting card (they make them for all occasions), with a brief handwritten note in it, conveying that you enjoyed being with her and leave an opening for her – like, give me a ring if you’d like to join me for dinner some time (and add your phone number). If you don’t hear back, well, nothing lost, nothing gained.

Maybe. But it’s not so much that I want to see her agian, but that we never really talked. I just wish it could have been more. And if she does want to see me again sometime, well, great. Oh well, I’ll sit down tonight and brainstorm. Thanks Okatym, Handy, and Sycorax.

Don’t “brainstorm” too much and drive yourself nuts over this. If she’s been avoiding you, she probably feels guilty about the episode and being around you reminds her, plus she may be worried you’ll spill the beans to her boyfriend. OTOH, she could be obsessing over you too! If the episode was brief and you didn’t even get a chance to talk, she probably doesn’t know how she feels about you (other than having the hots for ya) A brief grope session isn’t much to go on. Had you thought about a phone call – at least you’d get a response of some kind and would know where you stand. Whether note or phone call, say nothing about the boyfriend - that’s her problem. Just tell her you enjoyed your brief time together and would like to get to know her better. Good luck.