Dear Barack Obama...

Maybe you were just too young. It’s ok…You started out as such a bright, shining star- it’s gotta be tough to keep that up. So much responsibility in what you do- not many would even try. But it’s been rough on you these past two years, and we don’t blame you for saying you’ve just about had enough. Some still do like your voice, and will alw…uh…wait…um- shoot- I meant this to be about Justin Bieber, goshalldarnit, how do I delete this here technology post, darnit…


Mundane, pointless, shared - yep, this is the right forum.


You probably shouldn’t use the words “Obama” and “shoot” in same sentence – especially online, where every keystroke gets filed away in the NSA’s supercomputer.

Using “shoot” and “Justin Bieber” is probably okay, though. :slight_smile:

So you’re saying he did fine his first term?

I have no ‘deeper meaning’ with this at all- just trying desperately and sincerely to match the aforementioned ‘pointless…mundane’ goals.
Thank you…thanks…no…really…Thank you so much.

I’m not sure BO reads these boards.

Guess this is where a dutiful Canadian steps in and says, had US hockey team not lost the semifinal game to Canada in Sochi, we would have had to take the Beebs back with us. Then you would not find yourself in such an untenable position.

Gosh darn, sorry about that. And the gold medal,too.


Leave it to a smiley Canuck to clarify this for us…:o
(And we can say ‘Canuck’- it is affectionate and cannot be misspelled, evidently, as auto spell has no clue.)

And this, kiddies, is why you should never surf the web while under the influence.

Hey Slobby, I remember my first beer too.

But I’m sure some of the board readers have BO

Shall we tell him you’re breaking up, or do you want to pass him the note yourself?

The Pit is a different forum. Feel free to sniff there if you like…

Let’s try not to Jr Mod. I don’t really see that post being out of line. Reporting it is fine, but posting to it suggesting action is something that should be reserved to mods.

The sophomore album is always the tough one.

Wowza- what a bunch of assholes…it was a joke? Holy shit- the dumbest are the surest to not get it…and the most obnoxious.

Uh oh. Sounds like somebody’s got a hangover.

Was it? How the hell should we know?

I see no reason to be rude just because you’ve no idea either.