Dear Celine Dion: Good news! You no longer have the worst AC/DC cover of all time!

Yes, your rendition of “You Shook Me All Night Long” Was mighty embarrassing.

But an all-star lineup of Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder and Tom Morello did a version of “Highway to Hell” that reeks enough to knock you out of last place.

Bruce, pack it in. I mean, when even Bon Scott can carry a tune better than you…

Sheesh, a couple of eastern Europeans with cellos could probably do a better version. :wink:

That’s what I thought this thread was gonna be about!

Jesus, it looks like they were just goofing around doing a half-assed cover of a song during a concert, like plenty musicians do all the time. No need to get so up-in-arms about it.

I didn’t think it was that bad - certainly not as bad as the auditory Auschwitz that was the aforementioned Dion cover. The Boss’ voice really isn’t suited to that kind of song, but the musicianship is competent, and both the band and the audience seem like they’re having fun.

I’m sorry but that isn’t even close to the worst version of HTH.
This is the worst

You are a terrible, terrible person Rick.

To quote Bugs Bunny

Meh. I thought it was a fun cover.

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick… that makes Shatner look like a Grammy contender.

I suppose it’s possible that there’s a song out there that wouldn’t be improved by Springsteen and Vedder’s voices, or Morello’s guitar, but Highway To Hell isn’t one of them.

Excellent cover, one of several by Aussie bands he’s played on tour over there in the last month.

Since there doesn’t appear to be a Sequential Threads thread going on at the moment, I’ll just leave this here:

**Dear Celine Dion: Good news! You no longer have the worst AC/DC cover of all time!

An AC/DC cover even better than Celine Dion’s **

I saw Eddie Vedder the next night, nursing the mother of all hangovers, and from what he was saying, he’d just gone to the Springsteen gig, been shouted a beer by pretty much every member of the audience, and was called up to the stage by Bruce. Didn’t sound like they’d rehearsed anything together.

For those who want to suffer like I did, here’s Celine Dion massacring AC/DC. Dear lord.

And now I’ve watched Bruce massacre AC/DC as well. Gah. That was truly wretched.

One thing I wonder about this “artist” is, she’s got to be on the joke right? An absolutely awful singer with incompetent production and bizarre song choices?

From what I have heard she is popular in New Zealand and Korea and she sells albums. I have herd her interviewed on the radio. She is convinced that she is a great singer.

If that qualifies as a ‘version’, so does this