Dear Congressman Davis

Short explanation: Congressman Davis came to speak as the guest speaker at my sister’s HS graduation yesterday. And, um, boy was he a fun speaker.

Okay, man. You’re talking at a scitech high school graduation. A lot of people know their science and technology. So if you’re going to tell a joke with a scitech aspect, you probably want to get it right. Here’s a hint: there are no slashes in email addresses. As such, putting one in will not change the recipient but make the email bounce.

Second point: yeah, not many of them are going to be liberal arts majors. Not many people in the stadium in which you spoke are. However, journalism majors are, as are drama majors, English majors, music majors . . . etc. And need I remind you that just a few of those journalism majors are now journalists, upon whom you rely for good press, among other things? Antagonizing the people who can make you look very good (or very bad): not good. Not smart, even. And guess what, friend?! I’M a fucking liberal arts major! English major. Plan to be a teacher after college. Smart to antagonize someone who’ll be teaching the future of this country? You know, I’m just a widdle engwish major, but I don’t think that’s a good thing either. And that joke about liberal arts majors saying “Do you want fries with that?” doesn’t get any funnier each time I hear it.

So Congressman Davis, a hearty FUCK YOU! for wasting half an hour of my life with stupid shit and personally offensive material.

[sub]Yeah, I know it’s weak, but it was bugging me all fucking day.[/sub]

You’re a witty one. This doesn’t even make sense. What are you saying?

You show disdain for the disdain that many people show for the legions of useless, stupid, downright incoherent liberal arts majors stupidly and incoherently!

Of course not all liberal arts majors are useless. Many of them clean up retard shit.

And there are 5 different congressman davis’ in the house, so your biting portrayal doesn’t even have a clear target.

la la la…

one of these posters does not belong!

one of these posters is a troll… can you figure out who it is?

hint: it’s not iampunha.

Bolding mine.

Just wanted people to notice that, and then take note of this thread.

Wormtongue… what an appropriate screen name. If I recall correctly, he was a sniveling, useless coward who was only talented at hiding in corners and spitting out petty insults at people.

White Lightning: If you suspect someone of trolling, do NOT post it. Notify a moderator or administrator instead, by email.

Wormtongue: Do you intend to participate in other forums, or just the BBQ Pit? The Pit is NOT the prime reason for the Straight Dope Message Board. I would advise you to re-read the registration agreement, especially the part that says “Don’t be a jerk.”

Lynn Bodoni
For the Straight Dope

Lynn Bodoni: Ok. Sorry. I always feel like I should let more experienced posters actually take care of the problem, and in the future I’ll refrain from making gratuitous comments about it beforehand. Thanks for the heads-up.

Well, pun, I sure knew who you were talking about. But then, we both live in NoVa. I’ve got Frank Wolf, you’ve got Davis (first name omitted for the sake of furthering the confusion).

I agree, Davis ain’t the most plugged in guy in the world. But if he was then he’d be well, one of us. And I’m pretty cheerful about keeping Congress as ignorant as possible about the goings-on on the 'net.

So take it in stride. It’s not as bad as it could be.

If it were me, I would probably jot Davis a note regarding the “want fries with that” comment. At a commencement he says this? When people are supposed to be proud of their accomplishments??

I would absolutely compose a letter to him and let him know that while that joke might play at a cocktail party, a commencement is hardly the place to downplay accomplishments, even in jest.


Could be worse…you could have “I’ll beat up kids” Moran. What was the e-mail joke he told?

Writing a letter to the guy is on my list of things to do. Unfortunately, on top of that is writing a letter to the Dean of the English Dept here to express my utter contempt at my current English Prof, passing said english class, and two psych classes (along with the work involved). And not missing work and getting enough sleep and generally maintaining my sanity.

I’m hoping to get some form of the letter down before the end of the month.