Dear dickhead recruiter: Do you actually land any leads with your bald-faced lies?

Huh. I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with them, to the extent I’ve had them at all. In fact, I got my current job through a recruiting firm.

Ugh - the head hunters are a lousy lot. I recently posted my resume on, and got slammed with calls from tons of them. Granted, there were a few actually professional and helpful head hunters amongst them - and I did get my next job through one recruiting firm that I feel did an excellent job. But the bulk of them are just lazy scum trying to match any job opening with any resume that looks remotely related and hoping for a lucky commission as a result, and they can be highly persistent of full of lies along the way.

I’ve also heard bare-faced lie, although now that I think of it, it was mostly from someone who sometimes gets things a little sideways.

I always thought of it as a lie that wasn’t bothering to pretend it wasn’t a lie, just assuming that you had to take it anyway. No mask, no hood, no sunglasses.


I should qualify my statement a little more. I was referring to the ones who cold called me. I’ve worked with ones who I contacted first and while they never ended up being useful, they weren’t scum.

Thanks, Algher! I figured it was disreputable; now I know how disreputable.

I work as a manager for a carwash company in Cincinnati, and a headhunter called on behalf of a larger chain called Mike’s Express to offer me a job as a manager for them, and offered me more pay than what I was currently earning.

So I leveraged that against my employer and he matched their offer. Pretty sweet deal.

I was refering to myself for pointing it out. I can be an ass like that sometimes. You don’t have to worry about walking around with something stuck in your teeth when I’m about.

Wow, based upon the thread title, I was ready to flip the fuck out for the sake of my current job description. After reading the OP, I understood what you were talking about. I have to agree with you though, for the sake of a commission, there are some true dickheads out there. Fortunately, or not, this recruiter does not get one.

SSG Schwartz

It’s “Bold Face Lie”. :^}

No, it’s “bald faced lie.”


I guess they are both right.

From here

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

**bold-faced **

ADJECTIVE: 1. Impudent; brazen: a bold-faced lie. 2. Printed in thick, heavy type

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

**bald-faced **

ADJECTIVE: 1. Brash; undisguised: a bald-faced lie. 2. Zoology Having a white face or face markings.

Wow, the job situation in the USA is really different from the one in the Netherlands. Over here, it’s an employers market, but only because employees have so much rights and are so expensive to hire, and so difficult to fire, that companies think twice, three, four times befire hiring anyone, period.

So, we don’t have cheapo headhunters like described in the OP; we only have headhunters for the very top functions. So it is a matter of great prestige and honor to be approached by a (usually very posh and discreet) headhunter.

I get probably one headhunter a month calling. Which is about average for persons in my position in my market. I started keeping track a while back, and I find that it breaks down into 1:3 ratio of calls.

That is to say about one in three of them are essentially the guy the OP bitched about. Desperate, at least moderately deceptive and dishonest, almost certainly a bad risk for me to take, were I inclined to take a risk. Those I generally just ignore and dispose of as quickly and firmly as I can manage politely.

The other two in the three are legit. By “legit” I mean that they work for large, reputable placement firms and almost certainly do in fact have openings for which I would be admirably well suited on terms that may or may not be more advantageous for me than my current situation.* I freely admit though that I’m in sort of a weird niche in my field. For starters, people hired for my sort of position are damn near always hired via placement firm (at least in my current market - might be different elsewhere). I have one of those jobs that requires a fairly weird and quirky skill set - there are purely technical skills required and a whole host of non-technical ones as well. It’s not that hard to find people who have some or even most of the skills required, but finding people with all of them is a major pain - and you typically don’t have the luxury of hiring someone with most of the skills and filling in the missing stuff with some intensive training. Hence, the vast majority of hiring gets done through a reputable placement firm.

I, personally, am not aware of any large firm in this area that does direct hires. They all have relationships with one or more placement firm and do all their hiring through the placement firm or firms. The placement firms, in turn, try to keep as current as possible on the people in the market who may qualify for one of the openings. Which means that every once in a while I get a call from one firm or another asking me if I’m still satisfied with my current position and if not, would I let them know? But the reputable guys are all very up-front about who they are and why they’re calling, and they don’t leave fucking messages.

*Chances are good that if my husband and I do not move out of the area, I’ll likely start working with one or more of them at some point in the fairly near future. I do not care for the current pattern of management decisions that’s been carried out lately. Frankly, I smell trouble on the horizon for my firm - at least in so far as people in my position are concerned - and I’d rather not wait for it to find me.

See, further proof it was nitpicking. I googled it and came up with one of those websites about defintions of common sayings.

See, further proof it was nitpicking. I googled it and came up with one of those websites about defintions of common sayings. Although not to nitpick further, but I believe the second definition is the one that is applicable here.

I got the job that let me move to California based on a cold call, and that headhunter sure earned his money. Since they work for the company, anyone in a specialized line of work may not do to well calling them.

When I get called, I ask them for their understanding of what I do. Anyone who knows the field can tell me. Those people I’m nice to, and often ask them to send something to my personal email. Those who don’t have gotten my name from some list or don’t want to bother to do any research, and those I treat like the telemarketers they are.

Visit for some info from an ethical headhunter. I’ve never used him, but I have had some e-mail exchanges with him, and he seems to have real good advice.