Dear feline family members:

I get that you are carnivores.

I get that, owning cats, we will occasionally have your conquests brought in and proudly shown off to all and sundry so we may admire your skills as a mighty hunter.

I can see why you would be proud of bringing down that rather large cockroach or beetle. The chase and final fight must have been a glorious feat worthy of a Homeric epic.

But: on a night when both of our boys (5 & 7) are very tired and almost ready for bed, bringing the corpse of our eldest son’s, week-old, pet chick into the house and dropping it in the middle of the lounge room floor is not helpful, nor is it conducive to a calm bedtime routine.

I realise that you are well-pleased with the ingenuity it took to somehow kill this small bird while it was inside a cage and then drag its carcass through the bars so you could present us with your trophy.

However; searching the room while complaining loudly after I pickup and dispose of the (headless) body really only adds to the distress of our boys at having a pet killed and it’s bloody remains dumped in front of them.

Running back inside a few minutes later with the chicks severed head and batting it around the room like a small, grisly soccer ball does nothing to diffuse the situation.

Next time please keep it outside OK?


A tired parent.


oh my. you could have put this one in the Pit!

Cats are definitely more on the evil side of the equation. I hope you get more sleep tonight.

Do you still have said cat?

As a cat lover, I will say, cats are jerks. Adorable, fluffy, and snuggly but jerks nonetheless.

However, if you look at it from the cat’s point of view, he couldn’t figure out why the large bald kittens hadn’t managed to dispatch such easy prey yet so he was just trying to help them learn.

Oh dear. Please give your boys lots of hugs. That’s a tough introduction to “nature, red in tooth and claw”.

This is one reason why my cats are indoors-only.

OMG, I’m a terrible human. I laughed. I’m sure it isn’t funny. I’m still kinda giggling.


To my dogs.

Yes, the doggie door is for your convenience. And I’m sure you love the acres and acres that you have to roam.

Put please make note, there is no need to drag dead wildlife back into the house.

An addendum to my Wife: Deer skulls do not go in the kitchen trash can for me to find staring at me when I open it.


That is hilarious, but I wouldn’t want to experience it!

Further note to cats: Yes there is an intermittant street lamp which casts a feint shadow on one of our windows. But when it is windy, the tree shadows are shadows, NOT a kitty toy being dragged back and forth across the window blind. There is NO need to launch yourself at it, repeatedly, at 2am. Doesn’t that hurt eventually? And why doesn’t the squirt gun work in this situation??

That is all.

I did think it was funny. So funny that I tried to explain it to my kids. My daughter, who’s a cat person, thought that it was funny. My son, who’s younger, was horrified. Poor chick! Poor children! Why did I think this was funny? It’s Not Funny Mommy!

Oh well.

Cats are awesome, but, Battle Pope’s and WordMan’s are for me, respectively, an angry sigh and eye roll and a very angry pillow throw. Enipla’s Had me laughing pretty good.

Sigh, my cat would regularly bring home the biggest garter snakes she could find…alive…and leave them someplace convienent for my SO to find in the morning, like the bathtub:eek:

I hope that, before you replaced that pet chick with a new one, you had brains enough to obtain a sturdier, more cat-proof cage for it.

You should put chicken wire on your chicken cage.


Also described as a new cat toy designed to give hours of fun while he plots the far more difficult attack.

Please don’t predator shame.

Your poor kiddos, but I was rolling. That cat has a sense of humor!

Sorry everyone, I meant to get back to this sooner but for reasons (home internet is spotty and Halloween - our first!) I haven’t been online a lot.

In answer to the questions: yes, the surviving chick is now in a bird-cage which is hanging up safely away from harm until the chick is big enough to join the rest of the poultry and take care of itself.

We have had a chuckle about the incident now we have a few days behind us and the boys are focused on other things (Halloween sweets have proven a suitable distraction).

The cat in question (Moo is his name) is lucky he’s such a nice little critter in all other respects.