Dear Miss Manners,

My sister-in-law has been sending me disgusting anti-Obama glurge many times a week for months.

I have simply deleted all those messages without comment.

Would it be all right to send her a reply now?
I’m thinking in terms of a one line “neener neener neener.”

That would be tasteful, right?

Send her this:

I have heard good advice: don’t wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty and the pig loves it. Your reply won’t change her mind and she already knows the outcome of the election.

Miss Manners holds that another person’s rudeness does not give you an excuse to be rude back.

She wouldn’t have an problem with you silently gloating though.

It sounds like you’re in the catbird seat, OP. I have a sister who sends me stuff as well. Her emails aren’t as negative as what you indicate, but I think she has forgotten my politics or something. Every time you or anybody mentions “President Obama” it will sting her. Four years, baby!

It’s funny b/c after some convos she has said, “We’ll have to agree to disagree,” so it isn’t like this has never come to a head between us before. I think she hopes I’ll “come to my senses” or something. But then, she doesn’t “get” Bill Maher or Jon Stewart, either.

Geez, you guys are so noble!

I don’t wanna be noble. :wink:

It’s the Obama rubbin’ off. :slight_smile:

You put up with her sending that to you for months? I would just have said, “Please don’t forward any e-mail to me again.”

If she argues, say, “All I am doing is asking you to have the common courtesy to respect my wishes.”

I find this very effective.

Send her a nice smiley.

Better would be :

“You thought Obama was a Communist ? A terrorist ? The Antichrist ! Well . . . YOU’RE RIGHT ! MWHAHAHAHA ! We have WON, you have LOST, and soon our victory will be complete ! Our Lord and Master shall take up the reins of power, crush all those who have dared oppose us, and lead America and the world into an age of Satanic evil ! MWHAHAHAHA !

That’s tasteful.

I’m sorry, but the people you deal with must all be, what’s that word? Ah, sane.

Receiving glurge from SiL is nothing new. I get at least two a day, often more, and have for nearly eight years. The Obama stuff was only a new topic for her, added onto the conspiracies, appeals, jokes, religious testifying, and all the usual crap you can think of. Probably some you can’t.

This woman doesn’t work, never has so far as I can tell. No children. Hardly ever sets foot outside the house other than to do things at her church and its various women’s groups, etc. I honestly think she thinks she is serving some valid purpose in life by spreading all this info. Sort of like a really trashy version of the women who hosted gatherings for writers or scientists back in the 1800s. :rolleyes:

Anyway, yes I have requested that she stop sending me this crap. Several times. The cycle went: She writes me a long, rambly, non-paragraphed and almost non-punctuated screed about how hurt she is and stuff like: 'Why do you hate me? This is important for you to get? Why are you so mean? Why can’t you be a good Christian? I’m only trying to help you. We’re relatives, you should be nice to me or you won’t get into heaven. Why don’t you want to help find missing children? Concluding with a “Okay, I’ll never write you again, but I’ll pray for you.”

And then she’ll send me another of the same ilk the next day. And the next.

After about four of those I’ll get the “I have prayed, and God told me I have to forgive you.” And then the glurge starts again.
We wnt through this cycle five times before I gave up. I don’t want to filter her messages into the trash – mostly I get my info about my brother through her, and he has various problems – so I’ve learned to live with it.

I just thought this time I could give her a good poke. :cool:

I am tempted, I really am… :smiley:

I think you should just write her a lot, and find as many ways to fit “our President,Mr. Barack Obama” casually in conversation as possible. Just beating her over the head with the reality she can’t stand is the best way to gloat without actually gloating.

I second this.

I third it. But she should use his full name: “Our President, Mr Barack Hussein Obama.”

Gentle Reader,

Blast the bitch like there’s no tomorrow.

Yours truly,
Judith Martin

I heartily agree to this suggestion.

Either that or you could go with “President Barack Hussein Obama” as the title and “Suck it, Beeyotch!” as the e-mail’s body. It may not be the most polite way to go about things, but it’d probably be very satisfying. :slight_smile:

How about just sending her an Email asking what country she’s moving to and when.

When she asks WTF you’re talking about, remind her that since Obama will be President, you were certain she’d be moving away, and you wanted to be able to stay in touch, so you’d appreciate her new address when she resettles. :slight_smile:

Nitpick: It’s our President Elect Barack Hussein Obama. The best thing would be a nice invitation to a little victory party you are giving:

Ms. Starving But Strong
requests your pleasure
of your company
at a reception to be held
at (time) & (place)
to celebrate the recent victory
of our President Elect
Barack Hussein Obama

Here is how I have dealt with this in a few nutjob relatives. I send them an e-mail and tell them that if they want me to read something then they are going to have to put in the Subject line:

“ShotgunZen this is important, I wrote it myself, it is not a forward”

If that is not in the subject line then I will just delete it. Feel free to send me whatever glurg but know that I’m not going to even see it if that ‘s not the subject line.

They usually won’t take the time to change the title line when they forward the glurg.

Oh and curses on the person that taught my rightwing nutjob aunt to forward things to herself and blind copy everyone else. It was actually fun writing stinging rebuttals and hitting “Reply all”.