Dear Mr. Steve Jobs, thanks for the $40 headphones

Don’t get me wrong, I love apple computer generally and I love my ipod. But I need to replace the headphones/earbuds/ whatever and was stunned to see that they are charging $40 for a stupid pair of headphones.

What headphones do y’all use with your ipod? There must be a better deal than the official $40 pair.

He probably buys 'em from the same place Epson and HP get their inkjet refills from. :smiley:

I don’t own an ipod but I use sennheiser mx 500. They run around 15 dollars and sound marginally better then the ipod’s headphones. (better highs, bass is neutral, overall pretty neutral.). Personally, i’d buy a pair of entymoics of shure e3c… but those will run you a (well worth it!) 100 dollars.

Hey man, be grateful that the greedheads at Apple didn’t alter the Ground-Left-Right configuration on the mini-jack pin.

If they wanted you to ONLY buy the iPod headphones, they easily could have wired the pin backwards, so all other headsets were useless.

Be grateful. Be very grateful… :rolleyes:


You can buy earbuds at any Target-type store for under ten bucks. If you want the headband kind, you could probably find those for five or six bucks. I’m sure that these headphones don’t sound any different to anyone but the most dedicated audiophile. Forty bucks is a total ripoff.

I use the headphones that came with my non-iPod player; works fine for me.

Are you kidding me? That’d be marketing death.

Throw away the Apple earbuds. And don’t buy some lousy $10 buds from Target - you’ve spend hundreds for an iPod - why would you want to cripple it with some lousy earbuds?

Get a good set of portable phones like the Koss PortaPros. I’ve heard the Sennheiser MX500’s are good for a cheap earbud, but I find that earbuds are uncomfortable after a while. I can wear my PortaPros all day long without trouble. They’re around $50.

Another possibility, if you want to spend a little more, would be an ear-canal phone like the Shure E2C. I haven’t tried these, but they’re supposed to be awesome. They fit right in your ear canal like a hearing aid. There’s also the Etymotic ER-6i, made specifically for the iPod.

Most people don’t realize just how lousy their stock earbuds are, until they try good headphones or ear buds with their MP3 player. The difference can be shocking.

What, you mean like deliberately breaking support for a plugin that allows you to download your music back to your computer in a dubious “update”?

Considering iTunes and the iPod have never been marketed as allowing you to transfer music from the iPod to the computer, that’s hardly “marketing death.” They’re just closing a loophole some folks were exploiting.

Besides, we all know the only reason Apple does this is to placate the nutjobs at the RIAA; it’s not as if there aren’t another three dozen easy-peasy ways to get the music off an iPod anyway, even without the plugin.

Thats a minor annoyance. An annoyance the ipods merits and an extremely easy and free workarounds more then makes up for.

You’d be alienating a large segment of the market if you forced your (crappy)headphones on them.

      • I have no any-Pod, but just a note: on the Register site some time back there was a story about how iPod-knappings and -muggings had gone way, way up in big UK cities as the players had gained in popularity. The main way that pod-jackers would identify who had iPods was by the trendy white headphones, and suggested that perhaps it would be prudent to switch to using a different pair.