Dear Partisan scandalmeisters of America:

From: the rest of America
Re: We don’t fucking care anymore!

I remember back to the time when Reagan was in office and often called the teflon president because nothing stuck. Meaning that all the scandals and mud thrown at him didn’t stick. In hindsight it wasn’t that Reagan had anything special, it was that the American public had gotten tired of caring. And By now we are so disillusioned that we woudn’t know how to care if we wanted too.

Clinton went to Oxford and smoked pot and we didn’t care.

Clinton liked to whip it out and we didn’t care.

Clinton did something fishy at White water and we didn’t care.

Clinton may have killed what’s his face and we didn’t care.

Clinton lied under oath and we didn’t care.

Clinton didn’t know the meaning of is, and we didn’t care.

Clinton liked coochie cigars and we didn’t care.

Clinton stole furnature and we didn’t care.

Mccain used the word Gook and we didn’t care.

Bush snorted coke and we didn’t care.

Bush had a DUI and we didn’t care.

Bush went to Texas rather than Vietnam and we didn’t care.

Bush went AWOL from the Reserve and we didn’t care.

Bush said Nukulur and we didn’t care.

Bush still had ties to Haliburton and we didn’t care.

Bush looked dorky in a flight suit and we didn’t care.

Bush may have lied to the US and the UN and we didn’t care.

Schwartzenegger had a NAZI for a daddy and we didn’t care.

Schwartzenegger grabbed some booty and we didn’t care.

Schwartzenegger said Caleeforneea and we didn’t care.

Schwarzenegger had a gang bang and we didn’t care.

On the other hand

Bush Sr. had a bad econamy and we cared so his ass got booted .

Grey Davis had a bad economy so his ass got booted.

Bush Jr. has a bad economy…
Schwartzenegger has a bad economy…
So before we have to read three hundred stories about every time Arnie wears the wrong shoes with a shirt, eats his breakfast in the wrong order, or forgets to use a turn signal, think for a second. We didn’t care about that shit are we gonna care about your new shit. If Arnie is the ass many claim, something with teeth and proof will surface. Do you really want to call us out to the fields for nothing? Cause every once in a while there really is a wolf, but we just don’t have the fucking energy to care anymore thanks to you morons.

Of course once something with “teeth and proof” comes up, we won’t care.

Your premise is flawed. People cared (and amazingly still care) about these two. I don’t know why, but they do.

The partisan scandalmeisters care of course, but I don’t think the people do.

I see this as a step in the right direction; Arnie doesn’t have any policies and he brings a higher quality of comprehension and diction to the job of lying to the US people than that to which we’ve become accustomed - I just can’t wait to see what scams, sorry, policies Warren Buffet implements.

That should keep Californians chuckling a while.

I thought Bush looked good in a flight suit. Nice presidential package.

You don’t know why some people may care that the President of the United States lied under oath?

I’m somewhat disturbed by the presence of ‘went to oxford’ on that list :slight_smile: (No, I have nothing useful to add.)

Sorry, I didn’t word that correctly. I meant that I don’t know why some people still care about it to the degree that they do. I mean, shouldn’t the situation have sunk in a bit by now to the point where every time someone brings up something shitty the current president did/has done, someone else doesn’t have to say, “Oh yeah? Well, Clinton lied under oath! He also got a blow job from someone who was not his wife! Beat that!”

And it still amazes me how few people who so indignantly proclaim “He lied under oath!” can explain just what the lie was. That’s perhaps less amazing, though, than the same people’s explanations of how consensual sex is their damn business.

But the desperate need to be able to say “Well, the guy I’ve put so much faith in is at least not any worse than yours” trumps that.

I think why people don’t care that Clinton “lied under oath” is that most Americans see what he lied about as a completely personal matter that he shouldn’t even have been questioned under oath about, and wouldn’t have been, if not for muckrakers putting partisan politics before anything else. Speaking for myself, I could care less if Clinton ( or Bush ) fucked sheep daily in the Oval Office. I wouldn’t even care if there was a video of him doing so aired on CNN and then he denied it under oath. It’s none of our business, and has no bearing on how he does his job (being President ). It’s between him and his wife.

And the sheep, of course.

Out of curiosity London_Calling is there a reason why you think that Warren Buffet would be a poor advisor or tend to promote schemes. I tend to think that he actually could be a reasonably good advisor (who will therefore be ignored). His one policy prescription before being gagged (rationalize California’s property tax system) would be at least a step in the right direction.* He has always seemed very pragmatic from where I stand.

  • in terms of closing the budget gap if you refuse to touch the biggest line items in the budget.


Oddly, I do actually agree with Weirddave about all that. I’m a little fuzzy on the purpose of the thread, however. We aren’t “The United States of the Ambivalent,” we’re only accepting that high-profile people are still people and fuck up sometimes.

A lot of it is utter horseshit, and a lot of it can be very true. Politics is, unfortunately, very much a competition between individuals’ characters, and the one with the best face come election day is going to win. Muckraking is just part of the plitical process.

Oh, yes and one more thing …

Band name!!!

And what’s so odd about agreeing with me, huh? :dubious: :dubious: :dubious: :wink:

He’s referring to pre-election incidents like this one (satirized for your amusement)

Cite for us not caring? Depends on who you ask. Many of us cared greatly - not about the coke use itself, though, but about his refusal to face it squarely with us. That showed a predilection for weaseling and coverups even when unnecessary that, sadly, has proven us right.

Oh, did you mean a cite for the coke use itself? His own refusal to deny it is enough. If he could have said “No” without fear of a witness emerging, he would have, right? That, combined with his campaign’s series of replies to the question (which had been asked of, and answered by, every other candidate, mind you) with carefully-worded statements about when Bush would have been able to qualify for a security clearance are ample proof. Certainly it isn’t reasonable to think otherwise after that, is it?

Did you miss all that at the time? What news sources were you using?

Well, while the acts themselves are properly no concern of the public, it does demonstrate the man’s lack of judgment which most certainly does have a bearing on how one might expect him to perform his presidential duties.

I can’t believe you looked! Ew.

Oh, and UncleBeer: yawn Trot it out again, why don’t you? Care to take a look at just how many of our former leaders (and plenty of other admirable men and women besides) have been up to the same kind of business as Clinton was? Clinton’s sexual proclivities have nothing to do with his judgment as a President. Not do Bush’s, Schwarzenegger’s, or anyone else’s.