Dear Tuba

My daughter Amy, who is 18, would like to register with the board.

The only problem is, we only have one connection. She’d introduce herself to the board and state that I’m her Dad, so there would be no question of sock puppetry. We never agree on anything anyway.

Would it be okay? If it’s against the rules, we won’t do it.

[yoda voice] But there is another … [/yoda voice]

Oh, man, can’t she find another board? Now you’ll be all self-conscious and stuff. And I guess we won’t be seeing you around the Goat Felching Forum any more.

She’s been lurking for months, Uke.

The damage is done. She thinks I’m a whacko.

Can you give her a sig that will point her out?
Or will she help with the sig load herself?

Thanks for the heads up, Wally, and let me be among the first to welcome your baby girl to the board.

Let me also point something out here; for approximately 99% of the people on this board, we have no idea what their IP number is and furthermore, don’t care. Those people don’t give us any grief, just the opposite, they’re the forum members that gladden our days and make this site the great place that it is.

We don’t start looking at IP numbers until there’s bad behavior, then it’s part of the investigative process.

If you operate here under the forum rules you could have manny peoples posting from the same place and we would never know. It would never be an issue.

Two or more people posting from the same IP number is not a problem. Two or more people posting and being jerks from the same IP number, that’s a different story.

your humble TubaDiva

Thank you, Tuba. You’re a sweetheart.

So, Wally, did Amy choose SteelToes as her UserName?

How’d she manage to get banned so fast?

She’s been busted already? Must be a new record.

Kids today.

Why was SteelToes banned?
And why is Wally still unbanned?

Yeah. It’s so unfair is what it is.

But I’m on probation. One more mess up and I’m done.

Be patient.

It wasn’t a trick question. I just don’t get it. What did she do, exactly? And how can you still be posting if the IP# is turned off? Whenever I think I know how it works, there’s a new twist.

Bullroar I think they might just be joking .

Also the Mods usually ban user names not ip’s.

Bullroar, since you’re new here I’ll try to give you a little bit of an explanation.

The administration allows more than one poster per address if they are told about it, as Wally did in the OP, and the address has not been previously banned for some reason.

Wally and Uke were joking about the Steel Toes thing, but unless you’ve done some reading and are familiar with those two, you might not have realized that. Steel Toes was not Wally’s daughter.

I don’t know exactly why Steel Toes was banned - if the administration wants to tell you, they will. It’s likely that his/her posts attracted the attention of an administrator (the ones I saw pretty much fit into the ‘jerk’ category), the address was checked, and he/she was found to be a returned ‘banned’ poster.

However, this is just guess work - if you will read the rules, you will see that the administration doesn’t *have to have a ‘reason’ to ban you - I think the ‘don’t be a jerk’ category covers a lot of territory. Over all, they’re a pretty lenient bunch, as they want to encourage the free expression of ideas and exchange of knowledge.

But, if you spend most of your time here picking fights and/or insulting people, or posting inflammatory and/or inane topics with the intention of annoying people, and you rarely or never contribute anything else to the board, you’re likely to fall into the ‘jerk’ category.

Posters that have a history of good posts, who answer questions or ask good questions, and are reasonably polite most of the time, are naturally going to get a little more slack than newbies who jump in and start flaming and/or complaining. “Regs” are more likely to receive a warning through e-mail or posted to a thread than to be banned outright, but if they continue to be a problem, they will be banned, don’t doubt that for a second.

Also, banned posters have been allowed to return after communicating with the admins and, I assume, promising to mend their erring ways.

It’s a good idea to spend some time reading the board, becoming familiar with some of the frequent posters, and getting a ‘feel’ for it before diving in head first. A joke or insult that isn’t a problem because, say, Wally and Uke posted it, might get a totally different reaction if it comes from a ‘stranger’, just because no one knows how to ‘read’ you yet.