Death by Fritos Scoops

I love Fritos Scoops and intended to eat a bunch of then this morning. I was reclining in bed when one or more of the cursed things lodged in my throat. I thought I would help it along with a drink of water. That was a poor decision; I had water shooting from my nose and I suddenly could not breathe. I mean that literally. I absolutely could not breathe.

I managed to stagger to the bathroom where I slugged myself four times in the area of the solar plexus. I guess it was like a modified Heimlich maneuver. I not only disloged the Frito; I disloged what looked like everything I’d eaten for the last two or three days.

The moral is: Don’t eat Fritos Scoops. If you must eat them, don’t cram you moth full and then try to swallow.

OMG, Louis, that’s scary. Someone told me that in college 2 of their classmates choked to death alone. He said that in both instances, the rooms were just torn up and you could tell the poor guys had freaked out. I’m glad kept your wits and did the right thing and are okay. Have you thought of switching to baby food? :stuck_out_tongue:

Frito Scoops for breakfast, in bed? With more than one in your mouth at a time?

Slow down, dude.

I eat 'em by the handful; I love those things. At least I used to love 'em; I’m a little bit mad at 'em right now.

I’m an old guy in bad need of dental care; I’ll be chomping baby food soon enogh, thank you. Is there such a thing as Fritos flavored baby food?

Glad you’re still with us, dude. For future reference, the preferred order for foods of this nature is insert, chew, swallow. I think you skipped that middle step.

The oddly esophogeal-shaped scoop is to adults who try and swallow them whole as the cut up hot dog is to the toddler; death in plastic. Maybe next time, open the bag to release the air and pound them into small pieces first.

I’m pretty sure that if I tried to eat a moth crammed full of Fritos Scoops that I’d shoot a stream of barf clear over to the cedar-lined clothes closet.

Glad you’re okay, Louis.

How many Fritos Scoops could you cram into a moth at one time? I wouldn’t think it would be more than one.

My cats say moths are fun to play with and good to eat without Fritos Scoops.

OMG, choking while alone is one of my worst semi-irrational fears. My husband is out of town and I’m home alone with the baby, and last night as I ate my dinner while she was sleeping I was very careful to take small bites and chew thoroughly. But after reading this, I may not eat or sleep until he gets home.


My death by Fritos and related (I’m looking at you, Ben, and you, Jerry) will be much longer and more slowly progressing, but in the end, Fritos get us all.

Nothing is certain but death and snackses.

I might as well buy regular Fritos as to crush Scoops and it is Scoops I am addicted to.

The reclining part is the killer. Try sitting up when cramming fistfuls of junk food into your mouth. My brother, who also posts here, will frequently give the hard-earned tip: Don’t eat jellybeans while lying on your back.

You’re suppose to fill them with dip and bite them and chew. Based on your experience you shouldn’t try to eat an 8 oz steak all at the same time. :dubious:

There’s a song just for you on the Nemo DVD. It’s Ellen Degenerous singing “chew chew chew chew chew” (OK actually it’s “choose choose choose choose choose”)

Do like a lot of parents of infants are doing these days - get yourself a blender and puree your own pablum. :wink: I suggest adding the Scoops along with whatever filling you typically prefer with it.


In 8 oz “bites”.

I have a friend who had to go to the hospital because he stabbed himself with a corn chip. He caught it just right in his mouth and cut open his gum line so badly it required stitches.

This could be a conspiracy.

Next on FOX… “When Salty Snacks Attack!!”

Frito Bandito’s revenge.

My mother-in-law made a hell of a chicken and rice concoction. I use to come home to find it in the crock pot steaming away.

My wife and MIL being at work, I set down to chowing on a nice hot bowl of chow.

She used regular chicken parts, as in, not de-boned. I literally had to reach down my own craw to pull out some back ribs that dug in.

I did chew, but that darn reflex, where you suck in your breath when you figure something needs to be spit out, I didn’t swallow so much as aspirate it.