Death BY Gold

I was reading the book today The Servant Of The Bones by Anne Rice and i was wondering if the method in which they killed Azrel ever actually happened in Bablyon/hebrew tradition things what they did was paint him with gold that contained several types of poisions and halougentaic drugs things to ease the pain and then was put on a wagon to wave to the people and such. And fianaly crown the king all the while when he couldn’t move they would put a fresh layer of gold on the spot,this sarmony was supposed to be in honor of the gor Marduke. This event would take about 3 days,so my question is this did this sort of cermony ever happen there or anywere?

I am definitely not a Rice fan. But this link contains data on gold chloride poisoning.

Hope it helps.

Cecil speaks: If you were painted gold, as in the movie “Goldfinger,” would you die?

Not quite on topic, but related.


Yup, it was those “halougentaic” drugs all right. They’ll get you every time.