Death by Spam

Spam text kills a suicide bomber, saves hundreds


I laughed.

Happy New Year, bitch.

Scooped by an hour:

The first Darwin Award of 2011?

Merged duplicate threads.

Dear Terroirist Suicide Bomber:

I am writing to you, on behalf of Chairman Brother Usama bin-Laden. I have a bomb, consisting of Ten Kilograms (10 KG) of Semtex, high explosive plastic explosive. I urgently need your Assistance in this matter…

“Can you hear me now…? Good.” :cool:

Now that’s bloody hilarious.

I assumed a suicide bomber would not require a remotely detonated device. Seems like overkill (heh)

It’s good she got taken out as she probably would have gone on to make more such devices.

I’ve wondered about this myself a few times, that is, a bomb going off prematurely because of an incoming call or SMS.

It’s quite “funny” in this instance, getting blown to bits by spam, what would had been deliciously ironic would had been setting the bomb off with a call from some terrorist associate wanting to know if she had carried out the bombing yet.

Hah! Hope you’re enjoying 2011 in hell, you cunt.

It would be funny if she had been dressed as an anthropomorphic rhinoceros. Then the thread title could have been…

Death To Smoochy By Spam

Well, that stuff does have a lot of salt…

So if this happened on New Year’s, why are we hearing about it now?