Death certificate issued for Lord Lucan

This allows his son to inherit the title.

BBC News.

I think he committed suicide within hours of his disappearance.

Ah, it’s about the title. I heard about this last night, and I was wondering “why now?”

She wife claims he admitted beating the maid to death, and that it was a “mistake.” Perhaps he mistook her for his wife?

Lord Lucan is dead, long live Lord Lucan.

I think so. I think he meant to kill his wife, and thought that Rivett was his intended victim. What I find surprising is that he didn’t kill his wife, even with opportunity, following his murder of Rivett.

As a history teacher, my mind immediately wondered “He died in 1888. What took them so long?” Then I realized I was thinking of the 3rd Earl, not the 7th.

Carry on.

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