Death to Pluto!

ok, this is probably lame, esp since it has nothing to do w/ Michael Eisner or Disney.

But rather this link states that they are considering blowing up Planet Pluto!

ok ok… they’re not blowing up… but eliminating it!

ok ok… not really eliminating it… but declasifying it… so it’s personal data can be broadcast across the internet :smiley:

ok ok… won’t go there…

What was this about?

That’s just goofy.

Hell, it’s only a Mickey Mouse planet anyway…

It’s not even a big controversy. It’s just a minnie argument.

personally I think it’s because Pluto is too close to Uranus :eek:

This possible declassification has dogged Pluto supporters for several years.

Whoever decided to do this should be hounded to the ends of the Earth.

It always has been a cosmological mutt. It’s best to let sleeping dogs lie than to endlessly chase our tails.

Yeah, the last thing I read on the Planetary Society was that Pluto’s stutus was pretty secure. Some people make noise about from time to time, but it seems no one really cares that much to demote it. It’s effectively been grandfathered in to planetary status regardless of future discoveries.

I wondered how long it’d take for someone to break the one-liner streak :wink:

actually, it looks more like they were waiting for the guy to die before pushing to demote it.

Yeah. Imagine that. From me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was dogged and determined to actually answer something first.

It was ruff, tho.

Felt like I was just chasin my tail.

Life’s a bitch.

Now he’s rotating in his grave! Throw the poor boy a bone & leave Pluto as a planet. We’ve all grown up with it that way, and you know you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

Yeah, leave it be, let sleeping dogs lie.

I think you’re all barking up the wrong tree.

I’d expect that from a flea-bitten cur like you, Malacandra :wink:

I wish you guys would stop hounding this to death.

Can’t help it. Someone gets a good streak going and we’re on it like a pack of dogs.

Hades will inflict his wrath upon you if you guys don’t stop, you know.

We all know his bark is worst than his bite.