Death, what are my chances?

I am a 56 year old male, non-smoker, drive 100 miles a day to work, both parents died of cancer in their 70’s, mother had major MI before the age of 60, currently have DM type II well controlled. How will I finally die? What are the odds against me living longer than my parents? This is a bleak post I know, but my curiosity definitly got the best of me tonight.

I’m betting that the way you will die will be like the rest of us, your heart and brain will stop functioning, along with other vital body systems, for whatever reason. However, the cause of this stoppage will remain a mystery to you until it finally happens, (generally, this event is regarded by it’s recipient as rather unexpected, shocking, and surprising). As for when? Well, that’s anybody’s guess, I suppose. Good luck!
(I’m Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself )

The Q is not how/when you will die, but how/when you will live.


(or, as the little lady said: “Get it while you can”)

I recall a recent post in MPSIMS that gave a link to a site where you would answer a series of questions and it would return how/when you would die. It was similar in fashion to an online IQ test; in fact, so were the results…

Well I just dug out the old crystal ball and it ain’t looking good.
A week on tuesday, yer gonna get a spear through yer bonce.
You look surprised.

Here you go, this should tell you exactly when you’re going to die…