Debate Bingo!

Does anyone else get the sense that the debates are just the same things said over and over again? Well, here’s a game where we can see if we are correct about that…

Design your 5X5 bingo card (and post it here prior to the debate) for tonight’s debate. Since bingo cards aren’t all the same, you don’t need to have the same spaces that I do either- just pick any 24 ideas you’re sure we’ll hear tonight. As you design your card, don’t forget that the center space is your free space.

FTR, CNN says the economy and domestic issues will probably be tonight’s focus.

  1. My friends 2. Maverick 3. Oil Companies 4. Economy 5.Wall Street

  2. Main Street 7.I Voted Against 8. Nuclear 9. Earmarks 10. Drilling

  3. Tax Cut 12. Bush Free space 13. alt Energy 14. $ Countries don’t like us

  4. Ship Jobs Overseas 16. Our Troops 17. Social security 18. Abortion 19. Middle Class

  5. 100 mil. taxpayers 21. Housing Crisis 22. Small businesses 23. Bailout 24. Health Care

Once you hit bingo during the debate, please let know. (everyone who does, not just the first person)

My prediction is that someone will win within 15 minutes, and someone will cover their card by 45 minutes.

Chicago Sun Times beat you to it.,CST-NWS-bingo15.article

That article is from today too, isn’t it?