Debate Newsweek's 2010 World Predictions

You can do that?!

Hmmmm . . .

[scans Florida’s q-tip-clotted highways pensively]


It’s secret Chinese authoritarian commie magicks. It doesn’t work on Americans.

I don’t think that’s possible. There’s a lot of religious zealots in the world, and that particular part of the world doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic about keeping them from power.

In China, devaluing women starts before birth and continues throughout life. China has the highest female suicide rate in the world, and is the only country where female suicides outweigh male suicides. It’s not a fun place to be a woman.

Anyway, I don’t predict widespread immigration happening any time soon. China is still an extremely xenophobic society, and foreign women are generally not considered acceptable vessels for handing down the family name and honoring your thousands of years of ancestors. Indeed, every foreign woman I know who has dated a Chinese man (and few straight females stick around as long-term expats) has eventually found a Chinese fiancee in the picture, since in reality foreign women are just not acceptable marriage partners. While people with absolutely no choice have been resorting to kidnapped Burmese “brides”, I doubt this will ever catch on beyond the absolute poorest of the poor. There is too much pride and too big a racial superiority complex for marrying foreign women to become widespread any time soon.

Dunno. IMO, the Lib Dems will jump into bed with whoever agrees to share a bit of power with them, because they recognise they’re unlikely to get it any other way. I can’t remember a general election that wasn’t followed by an announcement from the Lib Dems that they look forward to working with the elected party, no matter which one it was.

Labour doesn’t look very likely to prevail in the next election, in part because of the recent and ongoing scandal over enormously decadent expense claims made by MPs. When Labour last took power, the Conservative party had fallen following a public moral outrage of similar scale (although that one was about hypocritical sexual deviancy as well as embezzlement).

Cuba could swing even more extreme, like NoKo. Raul could be pushed out by hard-liners who see themselves as the true heirs to Castro’s legacy.

Didn’t DeGaulle once say “Brazil is the country of the future, and always will be”?

What do you base this on? I don’t see Raul being threatened, but admittedly I don’t pay that much attention. Who is threatening Raul Castro’s rule?


Your mistake is in assuming the LibDems do, or indeed have ever, stood for anything (other than royally screwing up the electoral system to boost their chances of being elected). They’ll do anything and ally with anyone to get even a sniff of power.

That’s why I do believe to some extent in holding a people responsible for the actions of their rulers. Native tyrants & foreign invaders can hold power for a time through sheer brutality, but long-term domination is very difficult without popular cooperation. If the Taliban retakes control, it’s because most Afghan men there want them in control.

Which is why I think we should arm the women.

That, or give them copies of Lysistrata

Arm Afghan woman. Have you completely lost your sences? You want to make the place even worse.

The Tories are already making overtures to the LibDems in anticipation of a hung Parliament next year.

This upcoming election is going to be a real “hold your nose and choose” affair - everyone hates Gordon Brown but the Tories are…well, the Tories, and the LibDems continue to embody political fecklessness (with the exception of Vince Cable, whom everyone loves).

Frankly, given what Afghan women have gone through it’s about time they got guns.

Tsk. I dunno. Given the track record of British history, there is always the risk that a hung Parliament (or a Long Parliament) will evolve into a Rump Parliament. And then everything gets all messy.

:dubious: Gee, you mean those Europeans want their homelands to remain their homelands? Those horrible, horrible white people!

:rolleyes: Oh, please. They are in no more danger of losing their homelands than we were when it was the Yellow Peril or the Irish who were going to overwhelm America.

Especially if it’s a well hung Parliament, injecting its issues into every quorum.

Oh, please yourself. Anyone who believes the mass migrations fromthe Third World into Europe and North America taking place today are not creating serious dangers for Western nations is in a deep state of denial.

Ohhh nooo! The brown people are coming! AHHHH!!!

Not that so much as Muslim immigrants have sought to impose their own religious law in the places they’re going, and seem to have a real problem with freedom of expression. The Irish and the Chinese didn’t do that as far as I know.

Loutish mockery is all you’ve got?