Debate or Town Hall?

2 coworkers of mine were betting this afternoon on whether McCain will show up for the debate.It was a friendly bet, the loser has to buy the other a rack of german beer. I’m not betting, but before we actually do find out what do you all think?

He’ll be there, spend the entire debate bitching about being there and how he really needs to be in Washington, then his people will declare victory no matter what took place.

He’ll be there. He won’t give Obama 2 hours of unabated TV time. However, I would hate to be getting ready for this debate if I were John McCain today, talking points alone are going to be interesting. He’s going to have to be stealthier than usual in his rhetoric, if not Obama is truly going to wipe the floor with him. If McCain get’s all red faced and angered, all the better for mister mello.