Debating with yourself

I find my self constantly debating with myself on various social and economic issues. Sometimes to the point where I do lists of pros and cons or accept don’t accept. I have very often found myself in disagreement with my political party on varius issues but never to the point where I considered swithching sides so had no real need to list things and weigh one against the other.

Times have really changed, I feel there is a large group of us in the middle who could go either way. What I am seeing in the GOP right now just defies logic. Where are the moderates? Why aren’t they stepping up?

If you debate with yourself, eventually you’ll become a master at it.

And follow who? Moderate Republican voters like myself are waiting for a moderate Republican candidate we can support. George Pataki might have been it but his campaign went nowhere. So once again, moderate Republicans will have to make the choice between a moderate Democrat and a conservative Republican.

I read the Title as “Debasing yourself”…which I seem to do quite regularly. Like every time I wake up…

Can you clarify your question, please? What do you mean by “Why aren’t they stepping up”? What do you want to see moderates doing that they’re not? Coalescing around a moderate candidate? Publicly denouncing Donald Trump? Running for president?

I heard someone on a show yesterday talking about something he’s heard from a couple of folks in the house, they are talking about a brokered convention and Paul Ryan was who they were talking about putting up.

I have no idea whether this is actually true, but I think it’s good to question yourself on important matters.

To change the subject a bit, the primaries are what led to extreme polarization. They were supposed to democratize the political process, but have been a failure. One reason is the small turnout, but I don’t think it is just that. When I see how the two stage process in France has beaten back the extreme nationalists, I realize that is a much healthier system. Or maybe the Australian instant runoff, which can be done automatically by a voting machine.

As for debating with yourself, that is one thing that W was proud of never doing. And you see where that got us. Another word for debating with yourself is “thinking”.