DeBeers sent me a settlement check. Anyone else?

About 8 years ago, I joined a anti-trust class action suit against DeBeers. A year earlier, I bought my girl an estate diamond, so my purchase qualified.

I finally got my check yesterday, a whopping $62. :slight_smile: I had no real idea of what they would send me, but imagined it would be more of course. No, I’m not complaining.

Anyone else signed up for this settlement?

Please no snark about blood diamonds or politics or any of that.

Forgot the wiki link: Debeers Settlement

Yes, I received my whopping $25.96 this week. Like you, I expected more.

A coworker told me yesterday that she received a check for about $50. She was surprised.

Yep. Got a $57 check yesteday. I was expecting three figures but can’t complain as I thought I might never see anything.

It’s the first class action suit I ever joined and I don’t see any downside on joining future suits.

so, even knowing what we do now, people still buy diamonds?

I wonder how this has affected diamond jewelry prices, if at all.

Probably not too much since the rise in price of precious metals probably offsets any decrease in the price of gems.

Zombie revival.

Today, I got another check for $10 from the DeBeers settlement. Leftover slush fund from the previous distributions, it says. Five years later, and they found me at a new address. Ha!

Watch your mailboxes.

Typically, unless you specifically opt out, you can’t sue them on your own later. But who’s actually going to sue a huge company on their own. I’ll just sit back and collect on this type a thing here and there. Typically it’s just a few bucks anyways.

I was one of the attorneys on the plaintiff’s legal team,. I got my check for $48-million the minute the gavel came down.

That explains your eating of roadkill and out of dumpsters. :smiley: