Debossed Invitations / back issues of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine?

I hope this is in the right forum. It does have a factual answer, so I assume it is.

I was wondering if someone could help me locate a company that advertised in MS Weddings’ older issues. All my old issues are in storage and I have no way of getting to them for a while. I checked the newest issue and they are not in it.

The company that I am looking for is one that makes invitations/announcements.

They should be easy to find because of their printing manner:

The print is all debossed onto the invitation. This means that the letters are actually inset into the paper as opposed to above the paper surface. The result is “3-D”.

This company advertised toward the back of said magazines. IIRC, the ad shows an invitaion in white with a debossed image of a lavender flower stalk. It’s pretty distinctive and should be easy to spot.
I am, however, also open to a different company if you know of one.

I have tried googling “debossed” invitations to no real result.

Thanks ahead of time!

Have you tried asking around at local printers that do wedding invitations? They might not know the company directly, but they might have connections, catalogs, or trade magazines or be able to provide leads. Or they might even be able to do it for you themselves.

I am going to a different invite place next week in hopes of their having a catalog.

This kind of printing is usually hand done, so most printers don’t do it.
Mr. Baboon works for an ad comapny and knows all of the local printers. So far, zilch.

Who knows? They might have gone out of business.

Search for engraved invitations. What you are describing is standard letterpress printing with embossing dies. What is commonly called engraved, raised printing is actually fake. true engraving is actually pretty expensive. A local printer with letterpress equipment may be able to do this for you, but they are getting rare.


I am not looking for engraved invitations. It is, however, a similar process.

I know what you mean about most ‘engraved’ invitations are not: they are actually a process called Thermal Lithography.

I have used true engraved invitations and it’s not the same as debossing. Debossing often requires the use of thicker than normal paper because the debossing actually goes deep into the paper. Much deeper than what is being shown on the ‘Thank you’ part of your site.

Here is the best example I have found online. (you’ll need to click on the larger view). The example of debossing in this invitation is not in the typesetting, but rather in the borders (or panels).

I’m checking one of my MSWs from Winter 2002. In the Bridal Resource Guide, there are 10 sources for invitations. No pictures of a lavender stalk though. In the Advertiser Directory, there are some invitations sources listed too:

Embossed Graphics

Encore Studios

Claudia Calhoun

Clover Creek
no Web site listed - call 802-425-5549 for the nearest dealer

Natural Impressions

Oblation Paper & Press

Paper Style


Renaissance Writings

Dahlia Invites

Fine Stationery

Paperwhite Studio

I can’t find an ad with a picture like you described, any ads that mention debossing. I did google “debossed invitations” though and came up with many hits. Although most of them seemed to be for debossing a picture or graphic, not the entire invitation.

I’ll try to dig up some other issues to check.

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