Debunk Letters to the Editor

Help me debunk/dispute/fact check/refute the following Letters to the Editor:

  1. Having It Both Ways
  1. Little Lies and Big Lies
  1. Reality Check on Bush Spending

I’ll tackle the second one, though off the top of my head the otherletters appear accurate as well.

Little Lie: Vice President Cheney lied when he said he had never met Senator Edwards before their debate last week.
Yup. They met at least three times – when Cheney swore in Elizabeth Dole (using Edwards’ Bible, no less), at a 2001 prayer breakfast, and backstage at a 2001 taping of “Meet the Press” (confirmed by host Tim Russert)
Big Lie: Cheney lied when he said that he had never implied there was a connection between Iraq and the 9/11 attacks.
True. If you thought Cheney was being honest, you must have missed statements like these:

Little Lie: President Bush lied when he said that he didn’t have an $84 interest in a timber company that qualified him as a “small business” in tonight’s debate.
Mostly true, though odds are Bush simply forgot. To quote

Big Lie: Bush lied when he said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
True. I sure haven’t seen any Iraqi WMDs, do you?

As far as the official report is concerned, Saddam didn’t have WMDs, Saddam didn’t have the means to make WMDs, and Saddam could only cream of having WMDs.
When will this administration be honest with the American people?
Does the phrase “When Hell freezes over” mean anything to you?

See, that’s why we had to go after him! The boy’s a dang pervert!

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