Debunk (specific) TVTropes!

In which we discuss TVTropes pages which are either full of shit or clearly ill-thought. Obviously, if this thread gets any traction at all, there will be many links to the wiki in question. Sorry about that. :smiley:

Take, for example, these two competing pages:
It’s Always Sunny at Funerals
It Always Rains at Funerals

Clearly both can’t be true, and the true weather trope for funerals is that the weather at a cinematic or television is a complete tossup, based on the actual weather on the day of shooting, access to a rain-simulation machine, and the whims of the director(s) and screenwiter(s).

Anybody else?

I don’t think you understand how tv tropes work. There’s nothing to debunk, because none of them are universal rules.

Dude, this is just a mechanism to talk about TVTropes, mocking poorly-written pages and praising well-written ones.

Just because two tropes disagree doesn’t mean that either is poorly written, e.g.:

Single Woman Seeks Good Man
All Girls Want Bad Boys

Each page even mentions the other one.

If you want to do a thread talking about TV Tropes, why not just start a thread titled “Let’s Talk About TV Tropes?”

But your OP as stated makes no sense at all. TV goes toward extremes for dramatic purposes. So it can go to both ends of the extreme at different times. Both can be clichés and both can be overdone. Big deal.

If I were you I’d ask a mod to close this and start over.

:: checks mirror ::

You’re not me.

Single Woman is Perfectly Content with Her Life and Doesn’t Need to Date does not make a good setup for a TV show. :slight_smile:

Great. What are we supposed to say about it?

For starters, the two examples the OP mentions should probably be lumped together under Pathetic Fallacy (which TVTropes probably already has a page for, but I’m not going to be the one to check). Which also has the advantage that it’s a trope that was recognized as such long before the Internet.