Debunk this, Yellow Wrist Bands in CA

At the grocery store the other day, the young cashier (16-17?) said did I know what that wrist band stands for in California, pointing to my Livestrong bracelet. I said no, what? Her reply was that in CA, it means do not resuscitate. My BS-ometer started pegging when she then described a number of teenagers admitted to the hospital who died because of this. I have searched Snopes and found nothing. Anybody hear of this?

Here’s one. Is Museum of as reputable as Snopes?

I think there was a problem in a few hospitals where their patient bracelets signifying “do not resuscitate” were similar to the Livestrong ones. But it’s not a state-wide thing.

Here’s a link to a previous thread about this topic. I am not doing this to be a prick; rather, a post made by CynicalGabe in that thread bears repeating.

Well, hey, thanks all. I see that like all UL’s there’s some truth in there somewhere. And I’d have to agree with CynicalGabe’s sentiments.

As a former doctors’ secretary, I can tell you that most doctors I’ve met can’t use a copier … but most of them do know how to read.

That’s funny. Could you imagine:

Doctor: “Send him to the morgue, he’s wearing a yellow wristband.”
Nurse: “Don’t you want to read it first? It could mean something else.”
Doctor: “No! Yellow wristband means DO! NOT! RESUSCITATE! Now, take him away!”

Lucky you.

Troy McClure SF, employee health secretary :rolleyes:

Well, they can read, but it doesn’t mean they do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lawyers, on the other hand, can’t find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight. :slight_smile:

But, if they’re using both hands, what do they use to hold the flashlight? And if it’s what I think, wouldn’t that indicate they’d *found * said orifice?

Somebody break out the hand puppets, I need a visual over here!