Dec. 17th, and it's the hockey play of the year.

The Rangers vs. the Coyotes.

Brad Richards scores the game winning goal on a garbage backhand shot with 0.1 seconds on the clock. The score was decided on review.

You can not get closer than that. Certainly, the play will be on the highlight reels all day tomorrow.

Edit title: “it’s”. Sorry for the misspell. Mod’s correct?

Here’s the video.

Impressive, though kinda weak by Mike Smith. I don’t know if it’s the play of the year though…it’s a long year!

Shouldn’t this be in the hockey thread? :wink:

I guess if you define “play of the year” as “latest goal scored in regulation time”, sure. But that doesn’t automatically make it the “best play of the year” which is what “play of the year” means to most people. In my experience.

Really lucky. Hardly impressive. Interesting nonetheless.