Decade-specific fashions

I grew up in the 1970s and if anyone asked me to describe a stereotypical look for the 70s I could easily do it. I could also do the same thing for the 1980s as well. I don’t think, however, that I could do the same thing for the mid 1990s onward. There seems to have been a significant diversity in looks since then. Is this just my perception or are there looks specific to the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s?

Mid to late 90s, baggy jeans were big, as opposed to now in which more form fitting pants are popular. Also, going with that, cargo pants/shorts often times with Birkenstock (or Reef)sandals and a Stussy shirt. Also, skate shoes like Airwalk, Vans, etc. very popular. Tracksuits also a big trend. Not really clothes, but bleached blonde hair was a big trend in the late 90s/early 2000s.

I’ll rattle off a couple more I remember. Chain Wallets, Lugz shoes, Timberland Boots, Oakley Glasses…I’ll try to think of some more.

Women’s high-heeled shoes with those stupid hoof-looking platforms are very 2000s and were (okay, IMO) dated-looking 2 seconds after they came out.

Big, long coats and suit jackets for women in the 90s. I wouldn’t have noticed that during the nineties but looking at early episodes of Law and Order it’s obvious to me.

It’s hard to have a perspective on the look of a decade the closer you are to that decade.

As an “alternateen” in the 90s, my outfit (and my friends’ outfits) was baggy jeans/cargo pants or long cutoffs, combat boots, band tees and flannel shirts. Usually some jewelry too, something on a black leather string that you bought at a head shop or a music festival.

I don’t know what the other kids were wearing. Whatever it was it was soooo L7.

Fashions from 2004 are quite different, never mind 1994. Just look at some pictures of yourself from those times.

Lots of shades of brown clothes in the 70s, long hair, big sideburns, and moustaches unless it was a show set in the future then the fashion was shiny, silver clothes and long hair, big sideburns, and moustaches.

The 90s were highlighted by either a mixture of gothic and grunge, or sparkling pop, or track jackets with denim jeans.

At least I think, I’ve not been one to pay a significant amount of attention to fashion trends. It does seem more difficult to place the later decades in a particular genre, though.

I thought that during the 90s, but now whenever I see any shows from the mid-90s the clothes look as dated and “signature” as the 70s and 80s.

The biggest thing that dates the 90s is high-waisted pants.

Currently, there’s a (horrible) trend of wearing leggings as pants, especially accompanied by some loose-fitting top in either neon green, neon orange, or neon pink.

60s-Nehru Jackets
80s-acid wash jeans and skinny ties.

As an incidental, there was an episode of Futurama that had the characters accidentally travel back in time to 1947. To blend in, they wore contemporary clothing. Thing is, Farnsworth put on a zoot suit (from at least five years earlier) and Leela wore a poodle skirt (from at least five years later).

T shirt and cargo shorts.