Any dopers keep good liquor in a glass decanter? Is there significant evaporation? I got a cheap but pretty decanter at a rummage shop, but I’m reluctant to put anything good in it.

What say the teeming millions?

I have a nice crystal decanter, but I only use it to decant. If I open a bottle of wine that has significant sediment, I pour the wine into the decanter (leaving as much sed in the bottle as possible) then I serve from the decanter.

I haven’t seen one used in any home or restaurant since the late 60s/early 70s.

^Well, you’ve made me feel obsolete.:wink:

Useful if you are a snob and go through booze at a rapid rate. Otherwise, a waste of bar space.

^Wow, you’ve made me feel like a snobby lush!:wink:

It depends upon the decanter. One with a good stopper won’t have significant evaporation. But you don’t keep wine in a decanter anyway: you pour it in before the evening to aerate it, and then serve the wine from the decanter.

I think there has been some concern about lead leaching out of crystal.

If you go through sauce quickly why waste time on a decanter?

My sentiments exactly.

Decant old reds and vintage ports. Everything else is served from the original bottle, can, flagon or 40.

I think it’s more due to the fact that I don’t drink “decantable” stuff. White wine for me.

You forgot “tall boy.” :slight_smile:

I have several Waterford decanters that I ended up with from my parents and while they’re beautiful and expensive and really sharp and pokey on the hands, they’re also a screaming bitch to clean.

They do have a certain panache I suppose, but if you feel the need to dress up your bar you’re not drinking enough or you’re hanging out with the wrong kinds of drinkers.