Decatur Illinois Untold Story

Decatur Illinois once the home of
Black Liberation Radio, wants to
act as if now that Jessie Jackson
is gone they will start to repair
race relations. Wait just a dam
Long before Jessie Jackson put
Decatur Illinois in the news.
Napoleon Williams and Mildred
Jones were being persecuted by a
system that is as racist as 1900
Mississippi, no one wants to
mention this couple or their
children, who some call the Real
Dream Team of Decatur Illinois. No
one will admit that Napoleon and
Mildred have both been jailed on
bogus charges. No one is willing
to admit that the couples two
little girls have been wrongfully
taken and placed in foster care.
As a matter of fact Decatur
Illinois would love for us all to
act as if Black Liberation Radio
never existed. Look at the Decatur
Herald Review website browse
around and read the stories about
how they are ready to repair the
damage they say Jessie Jackson and
other outsiders caused. Then take
a minute to read a article wrote
November 1st 1998 concerning race
relations that ends like this
  “And how do we involve more
blacks? The answer may lie in a
question some put to me at a
Herald & Review Community Agenda
forum: Until the courts return
custody of two children to their
father, Black Liberation Radio
operator Napoleon Williams, how
can we resolve anything else?
‘‘That hurts me to know that,’’ a
white woman in our study circle
said with tears in her eyes and a
hand to her heart, ‘‘That hurts
right here.’’
How do we stop the pain? We, not
‘‘they,’’ must find a way.” You
can find the story at
101-8.html We must not let Decatur
move on until the taken of these
two little girls is investigated
and they are back with their
family. We must not let Decatur
Illinois move on until justice is
given to this family. Who for
years have called for people to
join them in demanding a
investigation of what they have
been put through. The Time Is Now.
You might ask “What can I do?”
Anything is better than doing
nothing. Write the editors of the
Decatur Herald review, let them
know that you know about this and
you intend to tell others. Contact
Rainbow-Push and ask why Jessie
and their people in Decatur will
not call for a investigation of
this case. Contact media people
and tell them there is a story
here. How can we as a people not
hear a family saying “This is
happening because we can’t get any
help”? This family is pleading for
an investigation. They are saying
if we are bad parents, if we are
criminals it will come out at the
end of the investigation. I agree
and I find it odd that a town that
wants to say Not In Our Town are
acting as if it’s better to forget
the story of Black Liberation
Radio. Well I say to that town NOT
IN MY TIME…, Will you join the
struggle? Sites to see; The
Decatur Herald- Review Black
Liberation Radio 99.7fm Decatur

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