December 1 on Sunday

When is the next year December 1 will be on Sunday?

According to my Windows 98 calendar, 2013.


Stupid hampsters.

For future reference, here is a good perpetual calendar.

You can use spreadsheets to do this.

First, create data in cells for the dates you want to test.

Then in Excel, the WEEKDAY function will give the day of the week.

In Works, use the MOD function on each date. Say 12/1/2013 is in cell A1. Then MOD(INT(A1),7) gives 1 for Sunday. 0 would be Saturday, 2 Monday, and so forth up to 7 for Friday. Note: these values may change for different spreadsheets, so test the formula on known dates.

Heh. My birthday will be on Friday the 13th that year. Again.