Decent men's thin wallet - no magnets

I’m shopping for a thin wallet for maybe up to 5 cards and some cash. Smaller is better. It should be appropriate for business environments.

For decent men only (like me).

Are there porn wallets now?

These guys have a shop in Columbus and make a great product. I use one myself. They have 3 different sizes and a bunch of different types of leather. The details are on the site.

My folding wallet holds 5 debit/credit cards, 2 forms of ID. Real skinny. Folding money lives on a money clip. Works great for me.

I recommend Big Skinny. I have the same criteria as you and love my bi-fold.

I also have a Big Skinny and love it. I have thismodel.

How about an indecent wallet from Bangkok?

Where do I sign up?

Shh! You’re married!


I have several jimi’s in various colors. I like them, but I’m not sure how “appropriate” they are for business environments.

I use this one - very thin (non-folding), no metal.

I looked around a bit more and ordered]one of these. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ve been using the same Coach wallet (I’m pretty sure it’s this one) for at least 15 years now.

For that kind of money, I should think so. :rolleyes:

I have a bifold wallet and a mini wallet/card case from Ragged Edge gear. They’re thin, lightweight, and resistant to all kinds of abuse. I’ve never found them unsuitable for business.

This is mine. Slim, holds the necessities, and will outlive me.

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Ditched my wallet for a Slim Clip, wouldn’t go back for love or money.