decent online training classes/degrees?

I’m going to be housebound for the foreseeable future and thought It would be a good time to do some future career prep. Does anyone have decent anecdotal experience with an online training thing? Or bad experiences i guess would be helpful as well, I’m always happy to learn from the misfortune of others.

What are you looking to do?

Don’t know, really. Figured if posters have had a good experience with an institution I would see what they offer. Probably more speculative than anything.

Most state universities have online programs, I would look into those first.

I already have a masters and am not interested in paying anymore for degrees, but I’ve been watching youtube and iTunes classes. They are free, and some are filmed a year or two ago, so if you buy the textbook they use it’s like $.75. That’s if you aren’t interested in the piece of paper.

I’ve done some self-study courses, and frankly grad school is all on your own time, they just give you a stack of papers and books 2 feet high at the beginning of the semester and say, ‘read this’.

I do really well with following through with things, which is an issue for some, but found self-study/online much better than my expectations. I found the take home exams to be challenging that you couldn’t solve it without understanding the material. So you end up learning instead of just paying for a degree.

I second this. If you can find something you’re interested in, and the institution is in your state, then it will be vastly less expensive than than U.o.Phoenix or a similar school Also, in my opinion, the degree will carry more weight.

If you do have a state university near you, and they offer what you want, you should go with that. Theoretically, an online program is supposed to eliminate any and all reason to visit a campus in person. Actually though, if you’re like me, you will want to have a place to do your work, away from the house. I have found it very frustrating not to be able to use the nearby university library, where I am an alumnus but not a student, to work on my stuff. (I can borrow books there, but like all visitors, I am barred from the Internet.)