Decent quality cheap digital camera?

I’m basically looking for something I can use to take pictures of stuff I’m selling on eBay. Maybe I’ll also use it to take pictures for a website, but that’s strictly secondary - for anything high quality I’ll still be using my Canon SLR until prices come down on the good digital ones. Memory capacity isn’t too critical because I’ll likely be close to a computer while I’m using it. 640x480 resolution, a flash and USB are probably the features I’d need, but I’m a little leery of fixed-focus lenses. Can you get decent quality with them, or do you need a focusing lens?

So…any suggestions?

The best I’ve found in a cheap digital is a Largan Lmini 350. It was worth $50 but doubtful you’ll be happy with it. It does an okay job in good light but the flash is terrible. Lens is wide angle so I doubt if it would be good for the kind of photos you’re taking. For me I’m going to wait for something with at least megapixel, optical zoom, USB and flash media comes down to about $200.

My friends and bf had good luck with the low end Olympus digital cameras. They run around $300 and have adaptors that you can plug into your pc to download the pictures. The floppy disk adaptor runs close to $100.

If you want a better camera the ones that use regular floppies to store the pictures run from $500 on up.