Decided to fast today and God I'm hungry!!

A hungry, hungry hippo.

Weight loss program been going OK for some time now, but overindulged a bit yesterday and my daily intake been edging up lately, so I decided to take Sunday and re-center myself and regain traction on eating discipline with a day of fasting. This was easier this morning when I wasn’t all that hungry, but now it’s getting to be a serious pain in the ass.

Feel emotionally sad I can’t eat for some odd reason. Like sad clown sad.

No crying in baseball or fasting. Suck it up whiner.

No good can come of spontaneous fasting. Eat a little something, have some water and eat a little more while reading up on healthier ways to fast that aren’t detrimental to your body.
And for the sake of all that is holy, don’t drive till you’ve eaten something.

drink some hot water slowly. have a cup of bullion.

Drinking tea, staying strong. I live off the ether. I feel my body chemistry changing gears as my body realizes the feedbag is not coming. Breath smells horrible from body switching to burning fat to keep body and brain alive.

Got past the appetite grumbling. I’m in the hungry groove now!

Come mornin’ time I will have a nosh!

Good for you!

I fast from time to time, but it is usually for not quite 24 hrs. I eat regularly one day, but nothing after dinner time, then don’t eat again until dinner the next day. I do drink coffee with cream in the morning, but after that tea or just water to get me through to dinner.

I’ve been steadily losing weight for 45 days, down 28 lbs and I try to never go more than 4 hours without eating something. Except when I sleep.

So went the whole day yesterday sans food, woke up this morning and … oddly I’m not that hungry. Yesterday was a struggle especially in the mid day. This morning I ate breakfast, but it wasn’t like I was tearing into it. If anything my appetite is little flattened overall. I haven’t fasted a whole day in almost 35 years.

I realize fasting is not by any means a healthy way to lose weight and that really was not the intent. My normal diet is fine, but I’ve been having trouble lately with the daily intake calories creeping up and up and my weight loss slowing to a crawl. This gives me a renewed sense that I can push away from the table and I have the mental discipline to say no if I want to. It lets me understand I am not a complete slave to my appetite.

Why do they call it “fasting” when it goes by so slowly?

Congrats, astro! I’ve lost about 7 pounds over the last 2 weeks simply by not eating every time I get a hunger pang. It’s good to be in control of the urges!

I restrict to 600 calories per day once or twice a week. It works well for me, but some days are way easier than others. I have yet to figure out why.

There absolutely is healthy fasting and not just to lose weight. So many parts of your body use food for different things and fasting has a different effect on all of them.
You don’t have to worry about being a slave to your appetite - it’s there to keep you alive. There’s so much more to the appetite equation than simply food.
Good luck in your quest for better health!

It’s now 6:30 PM and I’ve had a moderate amount to eat today, and (oddly) I don’t feel hungry at all. Normally I’m starving at this time. I’m sure my appetite will reset shortly, but for now it’s a blessing re not having to fight the night hungers. So far that fast yesterday is yielding unexpected benefits.

What caloric deficit are you running to lose 2 pounds every 3 days? That is pretty impressive.

For me personally if I run too big a deficit I end up ravenously hungry later on, and I can’t control it. Running smaller deficit (1500 or less) works for me.

Supposedly intermittent fasting is good for health but I don’t think I could do it.

I probably would have bailed if I didn’t announce it on the dope. I felt after announcing it I had an obligation to make it happen.

I watched Michael Mosley’s Eat, Fast and Live Longer and took up the same principle, not for the weight loss aspect but because the research was more about the general health benefits. I don’t stick to the 5:2 regime but try to have a “fast” day every few days. The whole snack in the morning and snack in the evening thing makes it mostly pretty easy to do.

The interesting thing is that, while there is general agreement that intermittent large reductions in calories are good for you generally, there hasn’t really been any research to test different regimes. So it may be that you can derive most of the benefits without the level of restriction he recommends. So maybe one day once in a while with a small snack every few hours would be even easier to tolerate.

I’ve heard eating 20% of maintenance along with taking resveratrol on fast days is a good health intervention. I’ve never tried it.

I’ve noticed that during the day, I eat like a normal person; in the evening after supper, I graze all evening long. I’ve been working on not eating after supper - it turns out that part of my evening eating actually IS hunger! I’ll try a limited snack rather than unlimited grazing, and see how that goes.

I do find that fasting for one day does give me a reset when I feel like my eating has gotten out of hand. Not to lose weight. Just to regain control.