Decipher this license plate and help me catch a bad guy.

I live out in the boonies and we have a serious problem with illegal dumpers. People dumb all sorts of crap from fridges to animal carcasses out here and I caught someone in the act.

I took a very quick photo of their vehicle and the plate is visible but a bit fuzzy so I can’t figure the whole thing out. Also, what make and model is that? I need the right info to pass on to the police.

Here’s the photo:


Interesting side note - Hannah new immediately that they were up to no good. She reacted the same way she does to any sort of threat - gets in between me and the perceived threat, growls and barks. The guy looked at her, mumbled something, and then quickly got back into the car.

They stayed in till we were just over that hill but, what they didn’t know, is we come back that same way just a few minutes later. It was on my way back, before they knew I was coming back that way, I saw them taking something into the forest.

Why don’t you just send the photo to the police?

based on the taillights

EC8 76X is what it looks like to me. It zooms in pretty good.

EC8 76X?

And yeah, that’s a Nissan Xterra.

Based on zooming in a lot, and squinting a little, I make the plate as EC8-76X.

EO8 * 76X or perhaps
ED8 * 76X

I think that’s a Nissan Xterra.

Woah you guys are fast! Ok I think I’ll have enough to call it in. Thanks!

I’d say the license plate says EC8-76X.

But honestly, I’d just provide the police with the photo and let them sort it out.
‘Report what you know, not what you think.’

Just hope you didn’t catch them dumping a body…

Well it was near where I found the skull yesterday…

Anyway I submitted the report online. I’ll update if I hear back from them. If I don’t, I may call them.

Yeah, it looks pretty clearly to me to be EC8 76X.