Declawing Cats

Their size is one of the main attractions we have to the breed. We’re “big dog” people. We’re also considering the English Mastiff, but I’m really leaning towards Danes. My last dog was a 135 pound Rottie. :slight_smile:

We’re not knick-knacky people, and the small amount of them we do have are on top of 6 foot bookshelves. Not even a Dane can reach that high…with his tail, anyways. :wink:

I have experience with Danes (one of my friend’s family bred fawns) , and the size isn’t a problem at all. I loves me some big doggie cuddles. grin

And then there’s the Neapolitan mastiff. A friend of mine has two. They are frickin’ MONSTROUS!

And the drool, man, the drool…

Cerri, I’m a big dog person, myself. Or at least I was. I now know that Great Danes are too big for me. (Part of it was my former housemate’s Great Dane likes to sleep on my bed with me. I have a twin bed. Can you imagine how much space I had left?) As long as you’re aware of what you’re getting into, enjoy it.

If I had dogs, I’d really want a Dane. Except that the life span of a Dane is rather short - 12 years is old for a Great Dane. And if you are worried about the tail knocking things around, you don’t need a dog. Or a cat. Or a child. Get a stuffed animal.

chuckle We have a Queen bed at the moment, we’re already talking switching to a King or California King when we get a dog. I’d never dream of keeping my doggy off my bed. :wink:

Declawing a great dane?

Wait. What?

Oh yeah. Fuck you.

How about a really big cunt? Doesn’t every one of these threads have a really big cunt in it?

I should have mentioned the Aussie was usually there, too, and so was the cat. And I don’t even like cats. But both the Aussie and the cat were small enough to be able to be pushed around easily. Great Danes don’t push easily. :wink:

But, you don’t understand, He/she isn’t worried about the Dane knocking thngs off the shelf, but about him knocking the whold bookshelf over. With his TAIL.
One can have a happy, well adjusted, loved pet and a home. Training counts.

A friend has a wonderful harlequin Dane, named Cowboy. Cowboy, at age 6 months could look me in the eye while standing on 4 feet. He was the friendliest dog I’ve ever met, but he did tend to trash a room and leave the people in it dripping with dog slobber.
Danes are so big, that often breeder welp them in a pen similar to a pig farrowing pen, so they don’t smother the pups.
(sorry about the pig farrowing link, I couldn’t find a website that didn’t have an agenda.)

I get so sick of this comparison! It is not the same thing! There are health considerations with altering - there are none with declawing!

And the reproductive system is “essential” for sustaining the species, not the individual animal! That won’t be a viable argument until we’re not euthanizing millions of animals each year.

And I’d like to see you keep a cat in heat from darting out the door when there’s a yard full of calling toms. Unless you’re prepared to live like a hermit every spring it ain’t gonna happen.

And what “personality changes” result from altering?

What is “altering” a euphemism for now? I’m can’t keep all this kitty mutilation straight.

My youngest cat, a female, isn’t spayed, we’ve never once had a problem keeping her indoors. We don’t have to keep the house shut up either. We have these things called “screen doors and windows”. And we make her get away from the front door when we’re coming in and out. Squirt bottle, right inside the door. It’s really not that hard at all.

I’d never declaw any of my pets*

I only ever have goldish, snakes and squid as pets*

**not in the same tank

I adopted two cats as adults that were already declawed. When I adopted a kitten that was likely to end up much bigger than either one of them (and did) I had him declawed so he couldn’t beat the shit out of the other two. He does anyway, but he doesn’t slash them to ribbons.

I lop the limbs off of all my pets so that I can stack them in the corner when I’m not playing with them. They are generally happy, are really easy to bathe this way, and never get lost.

Spaying/neutering, I think. Probably sounded better than “fixed” - I prefer “broken.” :wink:

(And for the record, it is the responsible thing for a ferret owner to spay or neuter their ferret. Female ferrets will not come out of heat until they are bred, or the heat is ended with a particular hormonal injection (like with a needle, smartasses). If neither of these are done, anemia and even death can result. Unneutered males can become very smelly during the mating season, and aggressive towards other ferrets - but not typically towards humans.)

I had my husband fixed.


Anywhooo, the kind of massive doggie I wants in a bad, bad way American Mastiff Pictures galore and less drool.

I blame Urban Chic ( I think or someother Totally Cool DoperGal) for linking this breed a while back.

I can’t but notice our OP seems to have flown the coop.


There. How’s that?

That’s pretty, Cheezy.
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