decoding my keypad on my car door

i cant remember my password to get into my explore how can i find a way to get the sequence


Just a reminder: please don’t post any information that would facilitate car theft.

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There’s a default factory code that always works. It should be in a card with your owner’s manual and marked on the control module (which is hiding somewhere in the interior of the car-- google should help find it.) The dealer can also find the code using a scan tool. If you’re completely locked out of your car, call a locksmith.

There should be a sticker with it on it somewhere in the car. On my '99 Crown Vic it is located in the trunk on one of the trunk hinges. I’m sure you can google your model and year and find where the sticker was placed.

Doesn’t the car also come with an actual key that can be used instead of the keypad? Or is the keypad the only way to get into it?

If you are going to get useful feedback you need to ID the make and model of car and the year. Some have hidden stickers, some have cards, and with some you are SOL.

If it’s a Ford Explorer this might help.
ford explorer keypad code location